15 Eggshell Carvings That Are Beautiful

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 3:18 pm
By:Tony Williams

We all enjoy eating eggs. Do you ever think we could use those eggshells in one or the way? We certainly can't use them, but there are some talented people out there in the world who can carve beautiful sculptures, structures, and pieces of art using eggshells. Eggshell carvings are a form of decorative art. The art is very popular in the Eastern European countries. An eggshell carving is made out of a goose, duck, or a hen's egg. For bigger and complex carvings, emu and ostrich eggshells are used. See 15 eggshell carving pictures that are breathtakingly beautiful! 

#13 Basket

The cool part about this carving is that you can almost imagine it actually being able to be used as a basket, even though that would not be recommended, and the work that has gone into it really is outstanding. There is a lot going on with the actual design as every single part of the shell is included making this a fantastic example of a very difficult type of art.

Basket-15 Eggshell Carvings That Are Beautiful