15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 11:28 am
By:Tony Williams

Disney is inarguably the best children's entertainment company ever. Millions of kids have grown up watching Disney movies and TV shows. We all loved Disney when we were kids, but do you know Disney is notorious for sneaking in sexual jokes, innuendos, and subliminal messages in their content? The Children's entertainment giant says it never adulterates kids cartoons, but the following pictures and videos say otherwise. We were too young to understand those hidden messages then, but now it's time to check them! Take a look at 15 Disney subliminal messages that shouldn't have appeared in children's cartoons in first place. Mark our words; they are very, very, shocking! 

#12 Little Mermaid 2

This scene was actually changed later on to something that was more child friendly and you can actually see why they had to do this. In the original version the priest was a bit excited about performing a ceremony, but it was too obvious and it had to be edited out later on as nobody should really see a priest being all excited like that should they?

Little Mermaid 2-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away