15 Architecture Fails

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 10:56 pm
By:James Fraser

Professionals like architects can’t afford to make mistakes, as their mistakes can prove costly. What if they do make mistakes? Below are fifteen images that show how architects failed at their job. These images will make us wonder what is in the minds of these architects when they are doing stuff like this.
4.A Garage to Park an Enchanted Flying Car

Flying cars aren’t fake. Check out this garage and you will finally believe that flying cars are indeed real. On a serious note, who would build garages like this one at picture? Either the architect must be crazy, or the property owner may have an enchanted car that can fly.
A Garage to Park an Enchanted Flying Car-15 Architecture Fails


5.Earn Your Money, Again

This ATM will make you do all sorts of gymnastics or circus feats to withdraw your hard-earned money.  It looks like the architect who made this ATM sent his common sense for a long walk, while he was working on this project. Nevertheless, this ATM is useful to ridiculously tall people.
Earn Your Money, Again-15 Architecture Fails


6.What Kind of a Toilet is this

This is a western toilet by its look, and an Asian squat toilet by function. Seriously, who has ideas like these? This looks uncomfortable to even squat sit on. Guess how and why the architect has messed this toilet up.
What Kind of a Toilet is this-15 Architecture Fails