15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 6:26 pm
By:James Fraser

Where there are people, there is mess. Gyms or fitness centers are no exception. If you go to gym regularly, you will understand the pain! We bet more than half of the people who hit gym regularly doesn’t know what gym etiquette is. They do all sorts of things knowingly unknowingly, which only irritates other people around. Here are 15 annoying things people usually do at gyms.
10.Staring at People Who are Working out

Different awkward stares you will only find in gyms
1. The newbie who will not stop staring at you while you are lifting heavy weights.
2. That old lady who stands next to you while you work out on a cross trainer, hoping you will die somehow, so she can use the machine.
3. That bro who will not stop looking at you in locker room area, while you are changing

Staring at People Who are Working out-15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

11.People Who Give Useless Advices

Gym is the only place where most people think he or she is a fitness expert, with little knowledge they gained from internet. Fitness trainers or coaches tell you something, but the senior folks who are into body building big time will tell you other things. Remember, always listen to a coach!

People Who Give Useless Advices-15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

12.People Who Invent New Exercises

Gym is a place where you need to learn lots of things before get things going. Some people believe they have this fitness thing in their bloodline, and don’t really care about instruction. Look how this person is doing an exercise we have never seen people doing before! This isn’t any exercise, this is just being stupid.
People Who Invent New Exercises -15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym