12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:10 pm
By:James Fraser

Unless you are extremely rich and own a real big villa, you have to deal with neighbors whether or not they are good. Most people will have good people around them, while some have to deal with at least one douchy in their community. Here are twelve notes left by good and responsible neighbors everyone of us want to have next door!
1.A Bro Next Door

This guy must be lucky to have a cool neighbor! How many of us will have a brutally honest neighbors like this man who will support us in hard times the best way possible? He not only cheered him up, but gave him some money too so he can go to a strip club to have fun! Amazing!

A Bro Next Door-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

2.A True Act of Kindness

We have moved into a world where even blood relatives don't care about us. We must appreciate this neighbor for helping her medically unfit neighbor by snow blowing his driveway. The neighbor too responded well, by giving her a good thank you note. The world would be a better place if we have more people like these two!

A True Act of Kindness-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

3.Sweet Apology, Isn't it?

Is her wife lucky to find a man who always tries ways to impress her? Well, we are not sure about that, but we are really impressed by his way of apologizing to his neighbors! He says he is sorry for sticking a love note on someone else's car thinking it was his wife's. The best part of this is note when he says "I am not in love with you, sorry" in the end!

Sweet Apology, Isn't it?-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

4.Guess Who Trained this Cat

Look what Norris cat has done to this community! This silly cat has been stealing stuff like t-shirts, jumpers, slippers, and what not! Rich and Soph decided to make a funny yet useful note to their neighbors, as they had enough of their cat. We wonder how many people have flocked their home ever since they put up this note!

Guess Who Trained this Cat-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

5.This Man Who Cares His Neighbor More than Anyone Else

Most people ignore, some try to let the car owner know about it; but only very few people try to help their neighbors this way. The person who has written this note is a perfect example of a good neighbor. He or she must be one patient, understanding and truly caring person.

This Man Who Cares His Neighbor More than Anyone Else-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

6.Caring neighbor

Notes like this will help us forget those little bad things happened to us. Watch how this unnamed person is supporting his or her neighbor by extending support and sympathy! There are two kinds of people; one that hit and run offering no support whatsoever, and other that helps people.

Caring neighbor-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

7.Cookies as Token of Apologies

We have one more nice person in display here! He apologized to his neighbors for disturbing them by running an air compressor in the middle of the night. He says it was a mistake, and even offered cookies as a token of apology. This man perfectly knows how to turn hate into instant love!

Cookies as Token of Apologies-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors


8.He Must be God

It's very hard to believe that people like these do exist on the planet! Changing houses can be a time consuming tasks, especially figuring things out in the new house. When we have people like these living next door, lives will be much better. Unless you are grade-A introvert, or privacy is your high priority, you can never ever hate neighbors like these!

He Must be God-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

9.Parties are Unpredictable

We all turn small house parties into rave parties that goes for whole night! People who are living next to this guy would have been troubled by his small going away party, but his apologies should correct things between him and his neighbors. 

Parties are Unpredictable-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors


10.Language is No Barrier for Some Love and Respect

We didn't find this funny at all. In fact, this note by a neighbor is very cute and sweet. This fifty two year old from Japan wants to wish his new neighbors in English. She wants to help them as much as she can.

Language is No Barrier for Some Love and Respect-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

11.Sudden Realization Girl

The girl who threw rocks at neighbors door (why throwing?) has sent them a nice and impressive apology letter. We never knew why she threw rocks at their doors in the first place, but we are happy she has realized and accepted her mistake. Her letter, and the gifts are kind of cute!

Sudden Realization Girl-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

12.A Polite Marauder

Wouldn't it be cool to have neighbors like these who have got some good sense of humor? This guy wrote a note to his neighbor telling him not to forget to lock his door! He says he is a polite marauder, but his choice of words made us think he is not all that sweet!

A Polite Marauder-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors



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