Most Expensive Bikes In The World

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 3:14 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Vyrus 987

With a price tag of $103,000 this is not a cheap bike by any means. However, you get a 1198cc V-Twin engine that throws out 210PS of power, so you better be good at handling bikes or this one could catch you out quite easily. This becomes even more apparent when you discover that it only weighs 154kg, so you can imagine how quickly it gets off the line and you better be ready for it.

Vyrus 987-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

2.MTT Turbine

This bike may not appeal to everybody as it is certainly a bit wacky in its own sense and the bright colors could also put off a lot of people. However, even though it costs $175,000 you do get 320HP with the basic model, but it can be increased to 420HP if you feel that 320 is a bit too weak. This means you get a top speed of 249mph and it gets off the line like an absolute rocket.

MTT Turbine-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

3.MV Agusta

The MV Agusta F4CC may have a price tag of $120,000, but you have to admit that even with at first glance you see that it just shouts out power and brute force. It comes with 200HP and there are only 100 of them in the world, so the fact that it is also a limited run does of course also add to the prestige of owning one.

MV Agusta-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

4.Hub Less Harley

How cool is this customized Harley? It may cost you $150,000 to own one, but you have to admit that it looks pretty spectacular thanks to the work that has been done on it by Howards Killer Customs. You just know that when you are riding this bike that it will be one of the best experiences of your life as the styling, the way it handles, and the power you have at your disposal really will help you to turn heads.

Hub Less Harley-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

5.NCR Leggera

You will be forgiven for thinking that this is actually just a Ducati that has been modified, but in actual fact it is a lot more than that. Instead, this is a bike that has been stripped back, made lighter, and more power added resulting in something that has a power output of 140PS. How much is this engineering masterpiece going to cost you? A cool $145,000.

NCR Leggera-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

6.NCR M16

This bike looks like something out of the future and with a price tag of $232,500 it certainly is a bike that most people are only ever going to admire from afar. This is a bike that is actually a Motor GP Ducati bike that was made for the road that has then been customized resulting in what you see in this picture. It is lean, it is very mean, and it really will go like a bat out of hell.

NCR M16-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

7.Ecosse FE Ti XX

This bike may look like nothing spectacular at first, but looks can indeed be deceptive. To own this bike you are going to have to part with $300,000 and in exchange you get something with 225HP and a bike that can reach a top speed of 250mph. This bike is all about raw power and speed and you have to admit that it will give you one amazing thrill if you got to ride it.

Ecosse FE Ti XX-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

8.Vintage Black

This bike is priced at $400,000 and it is due to how rare it is and also just how well made it was several decades ago. The bike is actually called the Legendary British Vintage Black and even though it can only generate up to 250cc it is absolutely loved by so many people and that is why the price will just continue to increase for those who are fortune enough to own one.

Vintage Black-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

9.Gold plated custom chopper

With a price tag of $500,000 this certainly does not come cheap, but have you ever seen a bike that looks like this anywhere else? It really is spectacular and it does not matter how fast it goes or anything else because for this bike it is all about the looks and that is where it wipes the floor with any other bike that has ever been built.

Gold plated custom chopper-Most Expensive Bikes In The World


This Dodge Tomahawk V10 bike does look completely different to anything else that you will have seen on the market, but with a price tag of $550,000 it is out of the price range of most people. This bike has an 8.3L engine that is straight out of a Dodge Viper and it has a top speed of 420mph and with it getting up to 60mph in 2.6 seconds you really do move.

Tomahawk-Most Expensive Bikes In The World


This Porcupine bike is very rare and it does have a price tag of $750,000. In actual fact it is not even brand new because it was built in WW2 by the Asia British Manufacturing Company and it is priced at this due to how rare it is with so few making it through those decades.

Porcupine-Most Expensive Bikes In The World

12.Harley Davidson

This Harley Davidson bike is valued at a cool $1 million making it the most expensive bike in the world. It is designed by a guy called Jack Armstrong and it really is a spectacular bike to even just look at. It is also known for its amazing 6 cylinder engine and overall this is one bike that you are going to be proud to own and ride.

Harley Davidson-Most Expensive Bikes In The World



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