Epic Fashion Fails

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:35 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Just bizarre

You get the feeling that this guy has tried to be funny, but he has failed both with that as well as with his pants. All he is going to get are some rather strange and confused looks, but then can you blame us with a shirt like that?

Just bizarre-Epic Fashion Fails

2.This is not photoshopped

Fashion fails can of course extend to hair and you have to say that this is one major fail all on its own. The scary part is that this has not been photoshopped at all and she has indeed had a fake zip put in on the back of her head. Why she did it is another story.

This is not photoshopped-Epic Fashion Fails

3.Too much going on

Is that yellow piece of cloth trying to replicate a flag for surrender for the sake of the jeans? They just look too tight and bits are being pushed out all over the place and then the pink shoes just adds absolutely nothing to a very strange outfit.

Too much going on-Epic Fashion Fails

4.One is higher than the other

Is it any wonder that the woman on the right is looking rather confused? The woman in the red appears to have one breast higher than the other, so what on earth is actually going on with that outfit? She probably thinks that she looks great in it, but perhaps look again.

One is higher than the other-Epic Fashion Fails

5.You cut that out??

What on earth does this guy think he is doing? His beer gut is clearly causing him problems, so he decided to cut the gut out of his shirt so it sticks out as if he is pregnant? That is just madness and a major fail.

You cut that out??-Epic Fashion Fails

6.A brave man

Well this is one brave man dressing up like this and walking around in public. Mind you look at the size of him and would you question his fashion sense to his face?

A brave man-Epic Fashion Fails

7.The shirt is worse than the pants

In this instance the shirt is indeed a lot worse than the pants and that is saying much when you see what is wearing. The red shoes do just set the entire thing off and he must have got dressed in the dark that day.

The shirt is worse than the pants-Epic Fashion Fails

8.Just far too much

There is just far too much color going on here for it to actually look fashionable and even if you are dressing up for some kind of party there should still be limits as to what you do. They have every luminous color ever invented going on here.

Just far too much-Epic Fashion Fails

9.The hat to end all hats

This hat is just absolutely crazy to the extreme and they do look rather stupid in it. You just hope that this is not for real, but sadly it is and that is quite a scary thought.

The hat to end all hats-Epic Fashion Fails

10.What is that doing?

You do have to question what on earth that pink thing is doing, but then you realize what it is covering and you are suddenly very happy that it is there. What is with the tassels top and bottom?

What is that doing?-Epic Fashion Fails

11.Where do you begin?

The big question here is where you even begin with this outfit and fashion error because there is just so much that you can say about it. However, the guy looks happy dressed as Barbie, so who are we to judge?

Where do you begin?-Epic Fashion Fails

12.What is this?

Where do you even begin with this fashion faux pas? That dress is just not doing anything for them, but surely somebody should have let them know before they ventured outside?

What is this?-Epic Fashion Fails



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