Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 6:42 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.LG G2

LG have kind of come in under the radar to a certain extent with this phone and they have ultimately produced something that really is outstanding. It has features on there that are missing from phones produced by other companies and it also looks rather cool as well and this is always a little bonus. Do look at picking one up in a store and checking it out before buying.

LG G2-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

2.Sony Xperia Z1

This is the upgrade of the Xperia Z and all they have done is made a few subtle changes in order to further boost performance and give you a phone that you are going to love to own. They have also made the phone slightly bigger and heavier to hold, but do not allow that to put you off owning one because in all honesty if you want to see how Sony are progressing with their phone design, then you will not be disappointed with owning this one.

Sony Xperia Z1-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

3.HTC One

This phone is probably the King of the range produced by HTC and it can certainly compete with the top phones from the likes of Apple and Samsung. This is a high quality phone, so it does come with a high quality price, but it works exceptionally well and ultimately you will find that it is very easy to use even though there is so much to do with this phone.

HTC One-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

4.Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This phone deserves to be on a list of the best in 2013 simply because it has more features on it than you will probably ever need to use. This phone is huge as the screen is 6 inches, but it does make sure that every image is crystal clear and most importantly the phone itself just works like it should do. Samsung are on a roll with their phones and this one is not going to break that trend.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

5.Sony Xperia Z

One of the first things that you have to do is to admit that this phone looks cool. It is big, but not overly so, it feels good in your hand, it is fast, it works well, the colors are bright on the screen and ultimately it is a phone that you would love to own. This is the best smartphone that Sony has ever produced by some distance.

Sony Xperia Z-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

6.Samsung Galaxy S4

This has to be one of the coolest and slickest looking phones on the market and because it is made by Samsung you just know that it is also going to work very well indeed. This phone has some of the best hardware and software in existence and this can only result in it being a phone that you would rightfully be proud to own and use.

Samsung Galaxy S4-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

7.Iphone 5C

Obviously any change to the iPhone is going to lead to it being ranked as one of the best smartphones of the year, so the 5C version is certainly no different. Of course with this one you are looking at slight changes to the way it works and other little tweaks, but that is more than enough to encourage a lot of people to go ahead and buy it anyway.

Iphone 5C-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

8.HTC One X+

OK so this phone may not be the coolest out there, but it makes up for its lack of design with some brilliant features and a phone that just generally works very well indeed. This is a smartphone that is capable of doing whatever you need it to do and the processor in it is also impressive, so it is not as guilty of lagging like others.

HTC One X+-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

9.Huawei Ascend P6

If you have never heard of this brand before, then you are missing out because this phone is very well made and even though it does leave out several pieces of technology, and it is largely copying the iPhone, it is still a great phone to own. Yes it may not have the prestige of other brands, but it works and that is the main thing.

Huawei Ascend P6-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

10.HTC 1 Mini

Lets face it, HTC have been producing cool phones for several years now and this model is certainly no different. It is big, it is bold, it works exceptionally well, and ultimately you are going to be more than happy with owning it. This is of course the smaller version of the HTC 1, so even though it is not as good as that phone you will still love what it is capable of doing.

HTC 1 Mini-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

11.Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung have been on a role lately and this particular phone is going to help keep them up there at the top of the industry. This phone is seen as being one of the best mid-range phones that are currently available as it does everything that you need it to do and it does it all very well indeed. If you love Samsung, but cannot afford some of the big phones, then this is a great alternative.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013

12.Motorola Razr I

When it comes to a phone that is a great all-rounder, then none are better in 2013 than the Motorola Razr I. This is something that Motorola hopes will launch them back into the big time as they have certainly lost some ground in recent years and you have to admit that it looks rather cool and it works very well indeed.

Motorola Razr I-Best Smartphones To Buy 2013



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