Best Hipster Style

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 3:50 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Shorts, Ankle Boots and Long

Let's face it, capes are cool. Superhero's wear them, and it makes them stronger, so I guess that makes a hipster a superhero. Long, colorful cotton, knit or sheer capes over shorts or stretchies is a great street look. Paired with a pair of chunky ankle boots and your stylin.

Shorts, Ankle Boots and Long-Best Hipster Style

2.Short Shorts and Athletic striped Tube Socks

Talk about throw back. Reminiscent of 70's gym class, girls are flocking to stores to buy athletic tube socks with varying colored stripes. Paired with shorty shorts and high heeled sneakers, your hipster flag is flying high. A great look when paired with a beanie and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

Short Shorts and Athletic striped Tube Socks-Best Hipster Style

3.Beanie Hat and Long Sleeve Crop Top

The beanie hat is an essential wardrobe piece for a true hipster. Once considered a winter item only, the beanie has had a resurgence with the street crowd. Worn on even the hottest days in LA, this look says hipster in a big way. Paired with a long sleeve crop top, and an all black wardrobe, and you've got the look.

Beanie Hat and Long Sleeve Crop Top-Best Hipster Style

4.Black Rimmed Glasses

There was a time when black rimmed glasses were only worn by nerds, and those who had to wear them hid them. Now, they're considered geeky hot, as both men and women embrace their nerd with oversized black rim glasses, whether they need them or they don't. A far cry from the 50's, when you'd get locked in a locker for wearing them.

Black Rimmed Glasses-Best Hipster Style

5.Sheer Skirt

The sheer maxi skirt in any color is an item that every hipster girl wants. What was once a dressy item in your closet, can now be paired with shorts, stretchies and even over jeans, giving you a hip, street look that is hot and sexy. Very current today on the streets of New York and LA.

Sheer Skirt-Best Hipster Style

6.Hat, Sunglasses and Worker Boots

Hipsters love hats and they love boots. Pairing any type of fedora with a clunky pair of worker boots gives you the street look that turns heads. From straw to wool hats, worn with oversized sunglasses and disheveled worker style boots, you can mix and match your wardrobe to fit the look. Anything goes here, from shorts to stretches and even long or short skirts.

Hat, Sunglasses and Worker Boots-Best Hipster Style

7.Headband and Tie

Headbands and tie dye are signature items in any hipster's closet. Jeweled headbands that sit on top of the hair are a great way to dress up an outfit and a bit of oomph to the day. Combine it with tie dye and your hipster style really shines through on even the dullest of days.

Headband and Tie-Best Hipster Style


Scarves any time of year is a true hipster signature. Sheer, silky, cotton, or knit, any scarf wrapped loosely around the neck adds style and pizzazz to an outfit. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or shorts and a top, add a scarf and you're instantly transformed into a much more put together outfit.

Scarves-Best Hipster Style

9.Large Denim Jacket and Ankle Boots

Oversized tops with shorts and ankle boots are hipster 101. Pairing an oversized, faded coat with shorts and ankle boots, completes the look. Add an oversized bag and an oversized pair of sunglasses, and voila. It looks like oversized anything is chic when it comes to the hipster style on the street.

Large Denim Jacket and Ankle Boots-Best Hipster Style

10.Black T-Shirt and Red Lips

Hipsters love black. From retro t-shirts to skulls, this style paired with bright red lipstick puts you in the hipster crowd. If you've got tattoos, particularly sleeves, you got the look down pat. Add some smokey eyes, and watch out. A great Saturday afternoon look, or anytime you want to dress down, but look fab.

Black T-Shirt and Red Lips-Best Hipster Style

11.Oversized Sweater and Shorts

It may seem like an oxymoron, wearing a sweater and shorts, but every hipster knows this style works great on a crisp fall day, or even a cool summer night. Mixing an oversized sweater with shorty shorts, makes for a great relaxed look that is stylish without even really trying.

Oversized Sweater and Shorts-Best Hipster Style

12.Stretchies and Ankle Boots

A true hipster is never without their versatile stretchies. From plain black, to crazy prints, stretchies are a staple in any hipster's closet. Paired with any kind of ankle boot and you're off and running ... literally. From wedge heels to chunky four inchers, the sky's the limit with this style.

Stretchies and Ankle Boots-Best Hipster Style



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