Best Hipster Style Men

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 3:44 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Tussled Combed Forward

Bed head? Well, guys aren't the only ones who like to look fantasize about women when they have that tussled, just out of bed look, women like men with that same, untethered look. Combing it forward adds a little style to an otherwise "I wake up looking this good" style.

Tussled Combed Forward-Best Hipster Style Men

2.Newsboy Hat

Extra, extra, read all about it. A look from the days of newsboys who sold newspapers on the corner, shouting out the headlines, this look has made a comeback with the hipsters. A great way to dress up jeans and a t-shirt as well as dress pants, a tie and a blazer.

Newsboy Hat-Best Hipster Style Men


A bowtie? Yep, a bowtie. Hipsters are embracing their geek when adding a bowtie to their wardrobe. Paired with a cardigan, and your geek flag is waving to the world. This look may have gotten you picked on back in the 50's, or really any other decade other than this one. Hipsters like to push the envelope with expression.

Bowtie-Best Hipster Style Men



Beards have made a comeback from the '70's. LIke a lot of things retro, we never thought we'd see this style again, but here it is going strong. A great form of expression, the beard can add depth to the face and depending on length, can change the shape and perception of the face.

Beard-Best Hipster Style Men

5.Tussled Hair and Goatee

Facial hair is great way for men to express themselves. Combined with a tussled hairdo, and you've got a hipster look that draws in the Ladies. Goatees can be any style, from long to stubble, thin to full, and anywhere in between. Where women have make up, men have facial hair, to give themselves their own unique look.

Tussled Hair and Goatee-Best Hipster Style Men

6.Dark Rimmed Glasses

Another geek gone wild style is the hipster trend of dark rimmed glasses. Hipsters are wearing them whether they need glasses or not. There was a time when people hid from wearing these glasses, lest they be deemed a nerd, not today. Hipsters are bringing back the nerd in a cool way.

Dark Rimmed Glasses-Best Hipster Style Men

7.Sweater Over Tie And Shirt

Once considered geeky, this look is very hipster on the streets of New York City and Los Angeles. Pairing a sweater over a shirt and ti, gives you a chic hipster look, that makes people look twice. Did you do that on purpose, or are you just naturally that smooth?

Sweater Over Tie And Shirt-Best Hipster Style Men


Scarves are a staple in any hipsters closet. From wool, to cotton, to sheer, scarves can change a ho-hum outfit into a fun expression. Wrapping a scarf over a t-shirt dresses up the look, without looking overdone or too dressy. Adding a scarf to a dress shirt, adds a bit of style to a more conservative look.

Scarves-Best Hipster Style Men

9.Skinny Jeans and Worker Boots

Skinny jeans are a hipster signature, and when paired with chunky work boots, the look is definitely street smart. Skinny jeans give a streamlined, rocker look when paired with a leather jacket or vest, and a more preppy look when paired with oversized plaid.

Skinny Jeans and Worker Boots-Best Hipster Style Men

10.T-Shirt, Fedora, and Rolled Cuffs On Jeans

Fedora hats are a staple in any hipsters closet. From wool to straw, and everything in between, it's a go to item that works for day and night. Paired with a t-shirt and cuffed jeans, this look works, for a casual Friday, or weekend play. Pair the hat with dress pants and a shirt for an entirely different look.

T-Shirt, Fedora, and Rolled Cuffs On Jeans-Best Hipster Style Men

11.Body Tattoos

Full body tattoos on the chest or back, as well as sleeves, is a hipster style that more and more men are tuning into. Most men opt for tattoos that mean something to them, and mark an event or feeling, that is specific to a special time in their lives. Hipsters are all about expression, and there's no more permanent way to express yourself.

Body Tattoos-Best Hipster Style Men

12.Beanie Hat, Dark Glasses and Car

Male hipsters love the beanie hat. Winter or summer, it doesn't matter, this look works on the streets. Paired with oversized sunglasses and a car coat, and you are hipster all the way. Once considered just for winter, this hat works year round to add style to any outfit, day or night.

Beanie Hat, Dark Glasses and Car-Best Hipster Style Men



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