Awesome 90's Men's Fashions

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 5:03 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Backwards Clothes

One fashion statement that came and went rather quickly was the backwards worn clothing. Made famous by the rap group Kris Kross, this strange clothing expression surely sealed its place in history. It had attitude, but it must have gotten old to have such hassle every time you had to go wiz.

Backwards Clothes-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions

2.Holy Jeans

Whether you tore them up yourself, or bought them in all their ripped up glory, the these jeans were really holy. Rock stars of grunge to glam rock, the holy jeans showed you were in with the times. These classics trunks stood the test of time and we stile see them prominently today.

Holy Jeans-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions

3.Brad Pitt

Get the bright tank top and the wigwam socks, throw in some dope gray, tapered sweat pants and you suddenly were the panicle nineties jock. From the frat houses, to the high school hall ways, this look embodied nineties jock style. Look like the superstar quarterback and have the Ladies swoon with this comfy style.

Brad Pitt-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions


4.Kangol Hats

When it came to headwear, nothing expressed edgy and cool more than the Kangol hat. The Ladies knew a real player was in the house when they saw that kangaroo strutting by. It was worn so old skool, pimp-ishly well by Samuel Jackson in the film Pulp Fiction. Didn't matter if it was the heat of summer or chilly winter, the Kangol ruled.

Kangol Hats-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions


Star Trek took off when it came out decades before. But who would guess that it would have such a resurgence in the nineties. The franchise released some revamped movies with new awesome characters. By of course Spock would be one of the most prominently displayed characters. How could you not love the ears?

Spock-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions


When it came to awesome hair, the nineties definitely had some of the most interesting styles all their own. The fluffy, frosted, pompadour seemed to dominate so many great characters. A little bit of grease and a must have blow dryer, most certainly were tools of any stylish cat in fashionable nineties.

Hair-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions


There was no other fashion you wished for in the 90's for than the smooth leather style mixed with loud colors. If you can throw in the hat to match you, you know you were styling, ready to roll anywhere. The Ladies would swoon when they saw this righteous style making its way through the crowd.

Leather-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions

8.Teen Beat

The righteous baggy pants came on strong with the popularity of such people as Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer. Perfect to hide skinny legs and whatever contraband you might need, look no further then the king JnCo brand. The fellas were really going out of their way to impress the Ladies with these obvious, form flattering Jeans.

Teen Beat-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions


The little winger shirt that was so often elegantly adorned on the great Doogie Houser, was a staple on so many awesome stars. Seems like some left over from the late eighties, but that look of shirt managed to linger around well into the nineties, taking on new shapes and colors.

Doogie-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions

10.Pattern Shirt

No other figure, with his slick blond hair and cunning high school antics, led the way with nineties fashion more than Zack Morris. With his wide array of eye popping, pattern shirts, mr. Morris showed the kids how to get out of trouble and look good doing it. Is amazing how such unique shirts could suddenly go out of style.

Pattern Shirt-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions


One of the great classic styles that embodied the nineties were the overalls. Rocking a shirt underneath or not, either way it was edgy. The edgier you were could be expressed with how many straps you let dangle. You know if someone is letting both hang free, you didn't want to mess with them.

Overalls-Awesome 90's Men's Fashions



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