15 Celebrities Who Look Younger Than They Actually Are

Saturday, Nov 14, 2020, 4:29 pm
By:Tony Williams

An average celebrity looks much younger to their age. Think of a 50-year-old man you personally know and compare him with a 50-year-old Hollywood celebrity! The Hollywood celebrity looks much younger, right? Within the celebrity community, there are a few celebrities who look unbelievably younger compared to their real age. Check these fifteen celebrities who look younger than their age.
10.Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL as we like to call him has been everywhere as of late. The former '3rd Rock from the Sun' actor has scored major films roles in the last few years. He started in '50/50' with funnyman Seth Rogan. He then went on to star in 'The Dar Knight Rises' and is currently in 'Don Jon' opposite Scarlett Johansson. The amazing part of his meteoric rise out of obscurity is that he looks like he is in High school! The man is 35 and he looks like he's 16! Yes it's okay to be mad at that.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt-15 Celebrities Who Look Younger Than They Actually Are

11.Dev Patel

Dev Patel burst on to the scene with the hit 'Slumdog Millionaire' The Actor is only 26 years old! 25! Can you believe it? He looks like he should be sitting in his 10th grade history class. This fits in good with today's Hollywood standards where actors play teenagers until their mid 30's (Insert Luke Perry reference anywhere you like).-1

Dev Patel-15 Celebrities Who Look Younger Than They Actually Are

12.Gabriel Mann

Gabriel is one of the stars on ABC's hit show 'Revenge' the funny thing is Mann is more than double the age of his co-stars. At age 43 Mann is considered the old man on set. 'Revenge' is shot in the Hamptons and it looks like that's where Mann found the Fountain of Youth.

Gabriel Mann-15 Celebrities Who Look Younger Than They Actually Are