Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 3:53 pm
By:Tony Williams


When it comes to weapons in GTA 5 you really are spoilt for choice. There are so many options available and it does mean that there are more weapons in this game than there has been in the others that have preceded it and this is something that fans of the series will love.

Weapons-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5

2.Team work

One of the cool things about GTA 5 is that there are heists where the different characters do team up in order to help one another. You will see this happening on heists such as Blitz Play and it is quite cool to have them working together in this way rather than trying to solve it by themselves. This is undoubtedly something that is a good addition to the game and an aspect of it that you will love.

Team work-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


To show how detailed this game actually is it is worth noting that you are provided with parachutes in the planes and it is amazing to think that they have this real eye for detail. How you use them or what you do with them is something you will have to work out for yourself in the game, but they are there and you never know when they might be useful.

Parachutes-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


One of the cool aspects of GTA 5 is that you are able to move between characters at any point in the game and do so with considerable ease. All that is required is for you to go to the character wheel and simply select the one you want. This does add another dimension to the game and it certainly helps to make it even more enjoyable than it already is.

Characters-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


The recession is a main theme in the game with the main characters trying to beat it by pulling off various heists in order to get money. This plot was long rumored to be the main theme of the story, and it makes sense with what is going on in the world, and it does help make it feel more realistic when you can kind of understand the plot itself

Recession-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


The underwater section of GTA 5 is very well designed and it is full of objects and areas to explore. On the sea bed you are going to find various wrecks, divers, and sharks that you really should think about avoiding. The underwater part is massive and it will certainly take you some time to fully explore it during the game.

Underwater-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5

7.Land mass

When it comes to land mass in GTA 5 it is going to be split up into two different areas with one being the city and the other the countryside. The city is called Los Santos and the countryside is Blaine County and both aspects do work very well in the game and provide you with even more options than you are used to.

Land mass-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


In GTA 5 you also have the option of going on some flying challenges and it does give you a break from the usual shooting and trying to cause as much trouble as you possibly can. The challenges are not that difficult, but they are certainly hard enough to keep your interest going before you then go back to what you do best in this game.

Flying-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


One of the cool things about this game is the way that you can customize things from cars to the characters themselves. You are able to alter the handling of the car to suit your own style and with the characters it can involve you adding different clothing, hairstyles, and even giving them some distinctive body art.

Customize-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


Everybody loves a good heist in GTA, and in this latest game they have added music to the heist itself. The cool part is that the music actually increases in tempo as the tension builds with the heist and it really does add an extra something to this part of the game. This is a great addition and one you will love.

Heists-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


GTA has always been known for its vehicles, but the creators say that GTA 5 actually includes the most vehicles out of any of the games that have preceded this one. This means that there are more options and more things to look at and anybody that loves playing this game has always loved the vehicles, so this alone should make this fifth installment even better than the others.

Vehicles-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


In this game you have the opportunity of buying property including homes, businesses, garages, and even marinas and build a property portfolio. Obviously this is not going to be the main reason why people play this game, but it does add another dimension to it and it is certainly a surprising thing to include.

Property-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5


OK this could be a bit strange, but GTA 5 does include activities such as golf, bike races, triathlon, tennis, and yoga, so it does have a softer, healthier side to it. The amazing part is that it does fit in well with the game and does not detract from what is actually going on and it is a cool addition to the game.

Sport-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5

14.24 Hours

This version of the game actually works with a 24 hour system, so it does slowly evolve from day into night just as it does in real life. When you then tie this in with its own weather system it does mean that the game is as life like as it possibly could be and it does certainly add something to the game play as a result.

24 Hours-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5

15.Open World

When you start playing GTA 5 you will notice that the entire world is open to you unlike other games where parts were sealed off until you reached a certain point. This means that you are free to explore it as much as you want and with the size of the game that is going to take you a long time.

Open World-Things You Didn't Know About GTA 5



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