TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 3:50 pm
By:Tony Williams


This series lasted for four seasons, but as ratings fell so did the enthusiasm for the show from the executives that ran it. This meant that they did decide to swing the axe even though it did have a cult following who would just continue to watch it. However, there is talk of it possibly coming back although it is only speculation at this moment in time.

Heroes-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled


Once again, Enlightened was cancelled due to its poor performance and the number of people that just simply stopped watching the show. This meant that it only lasted two seasons and even though its fans did campaign for it to be brought back there is little to no chance of that ever happening any time soon.

Enlightened-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

3.Happy Endings

This series was certainly quite fun, but it was cancelled after three seasons due to the ratings falling on a constant basis. The sad part is that it was a lot better than some of the shows that never seem to be off the air, but now it is lost forever with no real sign of it coming back at any point in the future.

Happy Endings-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

4.Ugly Betty

It came as a real surprise when Ugly Betty was cancelled after four seasons as it did seem to be the case that more than enough people were enjoying the show. However, in actual fact the viewing figures were dropping, so they decided to end it there and then rather than see it just sink into obscurity.

Ugly Betty-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

5.My so called life

This show was cancelled when one of the stars stated she would not be back for a second series. This was just the icing on the cake for executives as they were also disappointed with the viewing figures for the first series, so ultimately it was an easy decision to pull the plug on this particular show.

My so called life-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled


deadwood was a cool western series that was cancelled for reasons that are not really that well known. It did manage to last for three series, but you were left with a number of cliffhangers and stories that had not been tied up, so is there a chance of it coming back? Why did they stop it at this point?

deadwood-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled


This show is actually a bit of a classic and it all looked pretty good in the first series until they started to change the angle it took in the second. It did come back for a third series, but that completely bombed until executives had enough and decided to cancel it in its entirety.

Roswell-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled


This show has the distinction of being cancelled more than once as it was initially dropped after the end of the first series before fans convinced them to do a second only for the same thing to happen once again. However, that was in 2008 and there is no way it is apparently coming back for a third series, so fans have to make do with what they have.

Jericho-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled


Moonlight was all about vampires, but the problem it had was that it was on screen in 2007, so just before they became all the rage and the thing that so many people are interested in. It lasted for 16 episodes, but did not fare too well, but surely things would be different if it was on air right now?

Moonlight-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

10.Las Vegas

This TV series was doing great with some good ratings, but then it fell victim to the writers strike in Hollywood and it was then decided it would be too expensive to bring it back. That was a real shame as there were some good storylines and it just shows how flimsy having a TV series can actually be.

Las Vegas-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

11.Pushing Daisies

This series won a huge number of awards but it was dropped after its second series. There was actually a third one planned, but a Hollywood strike managed to push it back and back until it vanished into obscurity. This was certainly a series that did not deserve to fall victim to the axe.

Pushing Daisies-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

12.dead Like Me

This series lasted two seasons before it was cut although its original creator actually quit after five episodes of the very first season. Apparently it was ended because it had lost some quality, but they say that there were a lot of issues behind the scenes with the show being the ultimate victim.

dead Like Me-TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled



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