15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 4:14 pm
By:Tony Williams

Life of celebs is filled with booze and drugs. One day it's a birthday party, the next day it's a movie success party and third day it's an award function and the list goes on. Living a celebrity life requires alot of control on yourself if you are trying to quit a bad habit like Alcohol. Here are 14 photos of celebs being drunk.
1.Poor Brit

Britney is often drunk. We know how you feel girl, being famous, rich, spoiled and pampered is a tough call, but boy does it show on you.

Poor Brit-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

2.Kate Keeps it all Together

It has been said that when Kate Hudson is drunk, she is a sloppy drunk. At least she doesn't flash her knickers although it is a miracle that it hasn't happened.

Kate Keeps it all Together-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

3.Too Much Le Blanc Matt?

Matt Le Blanc has a super serious expression as he weaves his way through vehicles perhaps trying to convince people he is sober? However, he is actually convincing nobody.

Too Much Le Blanc Matt?-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

4.Tara Hits Rock Bottom

Tara Reid hits the gutter after one too many. It is time to call A.A. when you hit the gutter you know Tara?

Tara Hits Rock Bottom-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

5.Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Tara alights from a taxi with her cell phone stuck on her thigh. (Don't you just hate when that happens?) It seems she had too much plonk. You have to remember she is an IT girl in the UK with close ties to Prince William and Prince Harry.

Tara Palmer Tomkinson-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

6.Katy Perry Drunk

Katy Perry is not new to being drunk and wasted; She was snapped being drunk on numerous occasions along with her celebrity friends. All though she is an avid drinker, No misconduct has been reported from her until now.

Katy Perry Drunk-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

7.Mr & Mrs Smashed

Here the Jolie-Pitts grope each other at a party after hitting the bottle. It is good to know the couple find time to be romantic, since they have over 300 kids and work 23 hours a day.

Mr & Mrs Smashed-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

8.Pammy Becomes Zombie Drunk

Pamela goes from sexy bimbette to swamp zombie when she is drunk. Even the guy next to her gets red zombie eyes in the process.

Pammy Becomes Zombie Drunk-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

9.Down you Go.

Kiefer Sutherland enjoys a good tipple now and then. Here the media caught him with his pants down. Except they were really down!

Down you Go.-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

10.Love a Drink

Which photo is more like the real Love? Courtney Love is always drunk, it is more of a challenge to find a sober photograph of her. She kind of looks more like herself when she is drunk.

Love a Drink-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

11.What the Hell?

Of course Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to the drunk list. Here though, she takes the cake as she makes out with her mother. Her mother? Yes! It seems both the Lohan's have a drinking problem.

What the Hell?-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

12.So Classy Nicole

Nicole Richie jumps onto peoples backs when she is drunk and shows everyone a finger. Does our true character come out when we are shit faced drunk?

So Classy Nicole-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

13.Posh Drunk

It seems that even when Victoria Beckham is drunk she doesn't smile. She just looks even more pissed than ever.

Posh Drunk-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

14.Miley Cyrus

Being drunk at parties isn't surprising for Miley Cyrus. The singer has been in news for her trashy behavior for years now after leaving the popular Disney show "Hannah Montana". According to her it's her way of living life and no one is allowed to interfere with it. The Musician is always surrounded by paparazzi because of her behavior and huge fan following. Here she is drunk and out of control at a party. Let's hope she realizes what she is doing with her life.

Miley Cyrus-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

15.Emma Watson

As with any celebrity, Emma Watson is no exception to getting drunk, Although compared to celebrities of her age she is found less drunk and passed out at parties. She is a responsible drinker. But no one can hide from paparazzis these days, They are everywhere, from friends to fans. Here is an image of Emma Watson being drunk if you never saw her drunk.

Emma Watson-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk



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