Musicians With Very Short Temper

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020, 7:16 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Sid Vicious, The sex Pistols

Vicious was part of the anti-establishment type wave and formed part of the group The sex Pistols. Their music was new and edgy and was part of the Punk Rock movement, which thrived on anger and angry lyrics. Vicious was arrested for murdering his then girlfriend, who died from a stab wound in the stomach in 1979. Vicious died in the same year from a drug overdose.

Sid Vicious, The sex Pistols-Musicians With Very Short Temper

2.PJ Harvey

Harvey, a confirmed feminist sang mostly angry songs, pissed off at society for how women were expected to behave and dress. Her song, The Dress, rants and raves about how the dress in itself is demeaning to females.

PJ Harvey-Musicians With Very Short Temper


Lead singer for the Swedish band, Gorogoth, Gaahl or Kristian Espeda as he was named at birth actually held two men hostage and drank their blood. He finally got arrested.

Gaahl-Musicians With Very Short Temper

4.GG Allin

Punk rocker GG Allin is probably the most angriest and scariest musicians. He would go on stage and defecate all over the stage, then proceed to throw it at the audience. He also wiped feces all over himself. In many shows he ran into the audience and kicked people and punched them. He died of a heroin overdose.

GG Allin-Musicians With Very Short Temper

5.James Brown

James Brown was loved by many, but in real life he was a wife beater and attacked many people, one with a steak knife. He was a very angry man behind the scenes.

James Brown-Musicians With Very Short Temper

6.Angry Axl

Rocker Axl Rose has long had a rep for having a massive temper. He seems to let rip anywhere and suddenly. Even hitting fellow band members. He was diagnosed Bipolar but refuses to believe he is.

Angry Axl-Musicians With Very Short Temper

7.Amanda Palmer

A radical feminist Amanda Palmer even looks strange and angry when she sings her hit 'Not the Killing Type'. You sure now Amanda?

Amanda Palmer-Musicians With Very Short Temper

8.Ice T

Ice grew up in South Central, Los Angeles, which is not the easier place to pull your baby teeth. He got into crime early and also became a hustler. Rap turned his life around.

Ice T-Musicians With Very Short Temper


Even when he is winning awards this angry rapper still looks as mad as heck. His songs are always pissed off, mainly at women it seems. That kind of makes him a bit creepy really.

Eminem-Musicians With Very Short Temper

10.Gucci Mane

Gucci even looks mean when he is sitting in a chair. This dude was arrested for murder, you can't get meaner than that. Lately he got an ice cream tattoo on his face, perhaps he is trying to make his face look sweeter?

Gucci Mane-Musicians With Very Short Temper

11.Chris Brown

Chris Brown is hardly the type of guy you would want to take home to mother. This dude is always angry and worst of all he is a asshole since he punches women. He left Rihanna in a bloodied punched up mess after hitting her and punching her in the face.

Chris Brown-Musicians With Very Short Temper

12.Kanye West

Kanye always looks pissed off, mostly because he is pissed off about something or other and lets it be known. He seems to like controlling Kim too.

Kanye West-Musicians With Very Short Temper

13.Alanis Morissette

Let's face it when Alanis came out with hit Jagged Little Pill she was kind of scary. She once sang a song about an ex-boyfriend filled with such nasty remarks and undertones, he said he was afraid to leave the house.

Alanis Morissette-Musicians With Very Short Temper



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