Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 11:31 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Paula Deen & Tiger Woods

Well clearly this is a combination that you would never see together due to the views that Paula seems to hold, but when you slap them together in this way you get a normal looking guy. The chances are you would just walk past him in the street and not even give a second glance.

Paula Deen & Tiger Woods-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

2.Avril Lavigne & Sly Stallone

In an instant poor old Avril is no longer the cute girl that most people think she is. Of course this is all down to the mouth that Sly has because that could make anybody look uglier within seconds.

Avril Lavigne & Sly Stallone-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

3.Hillary Clinton & Steve Tyler

Well this is one very ugly picture when you combine features from these two and this is the kind of face that you would end up running miles from. Of course it does not help that Steve Tyler looks the way he does before you start playing around with it, but boy does it not go well with Hillary.

Hillary Clinton & Steve Tyler-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

4.NeNe Leakes & 2 Chainz

These two just seem to go together so well even though it looks like someone with dyed blond hair wearing a hat and wig over the top. In its own way that just adds to the fun of the picture and now you will be unable to look at either of them on their own without thinking about this image.

NeNe Leakes & 2 Chainz-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

5.Betty White & Matt Damon

This one is just absolutely hilarious because the two of them should not go together as well as they do. What this tells you about the way either of them look on their own is enough to make you change your mind about your opinion of them.

Betty White & Matt Damon-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

6.Julia Roberts & Ryan Seacrest

Well this is certainly something that you would not expect to see and you have to admit that it is probably as bad as you imagined. It is all about the mouth and chin that makes this one very scary and there is no way Julia would have been in Pretty Woman.

Julia Roberts & Ryan Seacrest-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

7.Steve Buscemi & Reece Witherspoon

Suddenly when you add a few features from Steve Buscemi to Reese Witherspoon she becomes pretty scary to look at. Those eyes are just massive and you would find yourself trying to avoid the glare due to worrying that you will turn to stone.

Steve Buscemi & Reece Witherspoon-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

8.Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

This one is seriously funny because in a strange way you can see somebody like this actually existing even though that is one scary thought. At one point it really does look like Obama with a wig and in a dress.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

9.Salma Hayek & Colin Farrell

This is scary because it does just look like a man in drag, but a man that gave up trying to turn into a woman and then could not be bothered to shave anywhere in the body. Let's be honest here this would scare you if you saw them walking down the street.

Salma Hayek & Colin Farrell-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

10.Justin Bieber & 50 Cent

You have to admit that this face mash is absolutely hilarious and thankfully this person does not actually exist. It is just the combination of the hair with the face that makes you think about how crazy this looks although he would still be more talented than Bieber.

Justin Bieber & 50 Cent-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

11.Brad Pitt & George Clooney

Women around the world are probably quite relieved to find out that if you mash the two of them together that you get something that still looks very normal indeed. Lets face it this guy would probably do just as well in life as the Pitt and Clooney.

Brad Pitt & George Clooney-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever

12.Van damme & Stallone

If you combine these two action movie actors this is what you get. You have to admit that he no longer looks as fierce as they do on their own and the chances of his movies doing as well would probably also be pretty slim.

Van damme & Stallone-Most Ridiculous Face Mashes Ever



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