Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 7:31 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Kevin Spacey

In this photograph it is more a case of Kevin SpacedOut than Spacey because just how drink is he? It better not be the case that he has just had the first half of that champagne and he is now ready to fall over.

Kevin Spacey-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

2.David Hasselhoff

It is harder to find a non embarrassing photo of David Hasselhoff and also harder still to find him in one with clothes. So, here in an attempt to shock you all he is dressed, acting normal and still looking embarrassing. He just looks strange.

David Hasselhoff-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

3.David Beckham

David had early desires in wanting to become a sex symbol as can be seen by this photo of him, um! licking a lollipop. Somehow, men sucking lollies is not as hot as women sucking them. Wonder why?

David Beckham-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs


4.Tom Brady

Not the most flattering of poses for a photograph. Tom look decidedly flouncy in this.

Tom Brady-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

5.Orlando Bloom

Someone needs to tell Orlando that this get-up just looks embarrassing. Really, mixing winter padded jacket with shorts and trainers is a fashion crime. Someone arrest this man now!

Orlando Bloom-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

6.Mark Wahlberg

Now that Mark is a respected actor he seems to be embarrassed about his past. Both as a model, a rapper and a prison inmate. Never mind Mark that is how you got famous in the first place right?

Mark Wahlberg-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

7.Robert Downey Jr.

Let's face it Robert Downey Jr. has loads of embarrassing shots so it is hard to choose which one! This one will do not only because it is a mug shot, but because he looks so damn happy having this shot taken?

Robert Downey Jr.-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

8.Pierce Brosnan

Was this really part of the Bond 007 portfolio of pics for his role as James Bond. Gad! This is embarrassing. He looks like he has a thicker waistline and his hair looks rather poofy too. What a dated horrible bond photo.

Pierce Brosnan-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

9.Ewan McGregor

Ewan looks fantastically geeky in this photograph. The problem is he was trying to so does this count?

Ewan McGregor-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

10.Nice George

One word for this photograph George, 'Dorky!'. He really was a super nerd with a super curly hairstyle once. Poor George, well maybe not, life really seemed to make it up to you after all that didn't it?

Nice George-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

11.Ryan Gosling

Somehow Ryan being such a nice guy, we wouldn't normally actively search for an embarrassing pic of him. This one is irresistible though. Is he giving someone a finger?

Ryan Gosling-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs

12.Brad Pitt

Brad has said lately that he would rather spend more time behind a camera these days than in front of it. Taking a look at these pictures it is kind of easy to see why. The Rastafarian look definitely looks, well, daft. When he had the photo taken he had to swing his dreadlocks about. He must have felt really dizzy and looked very strange. Oh well, it's good to see that even super hot studs like Brad can look ridiculous at times.

Brad Pitt-Most Embarrassing Pics Of Male Celebs



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