12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 7:33 am
By:Tony Williams

The Swedish film industry is one of the most popular movie industries in the European continent. The history of Swedish cinema dates back to the early 20th century. The modern Swedish film industry, however, was formed in 1963 to boost the filmmaking in the country. Thanks to the organization, as Sweden is able to make world-class movies! Most of the Swedish films are artistic or dramatic. The extravagant action movies are a rarity. Considering the small market size, it is understandable that Swedish producers can't make films on par with Hollywood. This is the reason why the American movies have a real market in Sweden too as they have in many other parts of the world. Since Sweden has a film industry of its own, it also has beautiful actresses! Swedish actresses are among some of the world's most beautiful women. They have also appeared in many Hollywood films, and American TV shows. Check these twelve hottest Swedish actresses who are too beautiful to go unnoticed! 

#4 Emma Wiklund

Emma is both an actress as well as a model, but then that should be pretty obvious when you look at how hot she is. For her acting she is actually better known in France than Sweden because back in her home country she is seen more as a model and TV host.

Emma Wiklund-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About