12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 11:43 am
By:Tony Williams

The British boy band, One Direction, is unquestionably one of the hottest bands in the world. Harry Styles has always been a prominent member of the group. With the exit of Zayn Malik, Styles has become the face of the band. Like Zayn, Harry too is willing to test his luck as a solo performer! Did you know Harry Styles has recently signed a contract with Columbia Records as a solo artist? He's even playing an important role in Christopher Nolan's 2017 epic action thriller movie, Dunkirk. Let's keep Styles's updates aside, and focus on his body art! Harry Styles has numerous tattoos on his body. He is one of those tattoo-obsessed celebrities. Let's have a look at some of the Harry Styles tattoos and get to know what they mean.

The 99p tattoo on Harry's left wrist looks to be another that his friend tattooed on him. There are a bunch of little tattooes all in the same area. Styles himself seems to regret some of his tattoos, but with the ease of removing them, or covering, them, he just keeps getting more and more.

99p-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos

2.New Zealand Fern

At the end of 2013, Harry got a New Zealand Fern tattooed to his left outer bicep. Although the One Direction heartthrob didn't reveal any details about the tattoo, it is widely believed that the body art symbolizes the One Direction's Take Me Home Tour performance in New Zealand. Harry Styles has the habit of inking the names of the cities he goes to perform. He also has several other city names tattooed on his body, such as Los Angeles, and New York. He also has two large ferns tattooed on the two sides of his hip.

New Zealand Fern-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos


The letter "G" on Harry's right shoulder is for an American friend of the One Direction singer. His friend apparently likes the Green Baby Packers and the "G" is the team's symbol. Harry and his friend had a bet that if the Packers won a specific game, Harry would get the tattoo, and he did.

G-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos


In September of 2013, Harry got a giant black and white rose on his left arm. This looks to be on that the young pop star likes, out of the 40+ tattoos that he has on various part of his body. He seems to keep going, and who knows when he'll stop. With the ability remove and cover tattoos, more and more people take them less seriously.

Rose-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos


This padlock tattoo on Harry's forearm are the work of a friend. Ed Sheeran convinced his pop star pal to let him tattoo him, and he ended up with this padlock, among other things. It is a regret that Harry has spoken out about. He claims it looks like a handbag.

Padlock-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos

6.Two Birds

Harry has two birds on his chest, one on each pectoral muscle. Meaning freedom and joy of living, this is certainly Harry. He has been living it up with band mates One Direction ever since his life changed propelling him into the spot light. I guess you can say these are his wings.

Two Birds-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos

7.Harry Styles Swallows Tattoo

Harry Styles has two noticeably large swallow tattoos on either side of his chest. The tattoos, which depict swallows in flight, symbolize traveling. Some time ago, Harry Styles told a reporter that he got the swallows tattoo because he too travels a lot like swallows. The swallow tattoos are particularly famous in the sailor community. Sailors believe swallow tattoos bring them good luck. Many Harry Styles fans confuse his swallows tattoo with sparrows tattoo. He has covered the "love ribbon" on the left side of his chest with the swallow tattoo. Did you know Harry Styles was once Taylor Swift's boyfriend?  

Harry Styles Swallows Tattoo-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos


8.1956 And 1967

Harry had two tattoo dates inked to either side of his neck, on his collarbone. Revealing the tattoos in October of 2013, it is said that the first date, 1957 represents the year his father was born, and 1967 his mother's year of birth. He calls them both his best friends.

1956 And 1967-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos

9.Small Cross

On Harry's left hand, near the base of his thumb, he has a tiny black cross. It's the only tattoo on his hand and stands out. The twenty year old used to date Taylor Swift, but before that was dating, Caroline Flack, an English television presenter who was 15 years his senior.

Small Cross-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos


On the back of Harry's upper arm is a skeleton wearing a hat with a red ribbon and a red bow tie. Harry auditioned as a single act on the X-Factor and was eliminated but then brought back to form the group One Direction, with four other contestants. Styles stood out from the group and is a bonafide teen idol.

Skeleton-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos

11.Coat Hanger

Amongst his many tattoos, Harry also has a little coat hanger on his upper left bicep. Does this mean he likes hanging up his clothes, or that he just loves clothes. We have no idea but it is different. One Direction catapulted to fame after coming in third place the X-Factor competition before millions of people who voted them as the winners.

Coat Hanger-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos


Harry Styles may have displaced Justin Bieber in girl's hearts across America. As part of the British Boy band, One Direction, he has dated many Hollywood starlets, including Kendall Jenner. This tattoo is a black filled in hart on his upper left bicep.The heartthrob has many tattoos all over his body.

Heart-12 Amazing Harry Styles' Tattoos



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