12 Gay Male Celebs Who Were Once Married To Women

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 7:27 am
By:Tony Williams

These 12 male celebrities have come out as gay, but when they were living a "closeted" life, they didn't mind marrying a woman! Unsurprisingly, all these stars belong to the older generation. Some of the celebs confessed they were always gay, but they had to marry a woman just to pass as straight men in the society. The others indeed fell in love with the ladies and married them. However, the stars later dumped their female wives after they came out of the closet! Read the 12 exciting stories of gay male celebs who were once married to women.

#4 Rock Hudson

Rock was one of the biggest stars of his time and it would have been a tragedy if people knew that he was gay. This led to him being married for 3 years to Phyllis Gates although most of the people in the industry knew that he preferred men.

Rock Hudson-12 Gay Male Celebs Who Were Once Married To Women