Famous Opera Singers

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 1:57 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Edita Gruberova

Her voice is strong, controlled, she can act brilliantly, and overall she is just a fantastic opera performer. She has been involved in a number of top roles and it is easy to understand why when you see her in action and the best advice that can be given is to go and check her out on YouTube.

Edita Gruberova-Famous Opera Singers

2.Beverley Sills

Her voice was beautiful, it was soulful, but most importantly it was clear that she loved opera and that natural enthusiasm always came across in her singing. She was capable of delivering some beautiful performances and when it comes to favorite female opera singers she does tend to appear on the list of most people.

Beverley Sills-Famous Opera Singers

3.dietrich Fischer - dieskau

The reason why this guy was so good was due to the way in which he interpreted the roles he played as he certainly did things differently from most people. He was a baritone and there is no doubt that his voice was just absolutely perfect for that role as he could hit those low notes like nobody else, but do so in such a beautiful way.

dietrich Fischer - dieskau-Famous Opera Singers

4.Maria Callas

The thing that you notice about her voice is that it is quite coarse and at first you would believe that this is going to put you off listening to her. However, her voice just somehow works so well with opera and it leaves you amazed at how beautiful it all sounds, and it was this surprise factor that made a difference to her popularity.

Maria Callas-Famous Opera Singers

5.Placido Domingo

Placido Domingo was of course one of the three tenors and just like Pavarotti he will be watched by thousands of people that will pay a lot of money just to hear him sing. His voice is beautiful, soulful, and to be honest it is something to behold.

Placido Domingo-Famous Opera Singers

6.Joan Sutherland

Joan Sutherland was the person responsible for helping Pavarotti to become famous, but she herself was an amazing performer and one that you should go away and listen to. She was able to hit some pretty high notes and do so in such a beautiful way that you could not help but be completely amazed.

Joan Sutherland-Famous Opera Singers

7.Luciano Pavarotti

When it comes to tenors there is probably no guy that is as famous as this one. He was larger than life, he was loved by people that did not even like opera, and his voice was outstanding. When he sang thousands would come to watch and pay a fortune to listen to him no matter where he was appearing.

Luciano Pavarotti-Famous Opera Singers

8.Kirsten Flagstad

She was famous for being quite rough in her delivery, but at the same time it could also be seen as being quite beautiful as well. This meant she could really make an impact with her voice and bring even the most boring of songs to life and steal the show on a constant basis.

Kirsten Flagstad-Famous Opera Singers

9.Fritz Wunderlich

If you are looking for an opera singer with a sweet voice, then this is the guy for you. His voice is so clear and pure that you cannot help but be drawn into it and enjoy his performance no matter what he is singing at the time.

Fritz Wunderlich-Famous Opera Singers

10.Leontyne Price

She was one of the first African American opera singers to really emerge and she certainly did manage to wow the crowds with her singing ability. She may not have been as popular as some of the other sopranos at the time, but she still deserves her place on this list.

Leontyne Price-Famous Opera Singers

11.Nicolai Gedda

This guy has to be one of the best tenors ever and he has the ability to hit a high D whereas most will only hit a high C. The fact that he was almost missed by the opera world after being in a few small parts is certainly something that we should not forget because this was one talented guy.

Nicolai Gedda-Famous Opera Singers

12.Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

Elisabeth started performing when she was just 13 and she went on to become one of the greatest opera singers to have ever lived. She was a soprano who was able to sing beautifully, but at the same time with power and emotion leading to a wonderful performance.

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf-Famous Opera Singers



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