Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 7:04 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mike Tyson

Mike may have been the baddest man on the planet back in the 80's, but his life did fall apart once he stopped boxing. He has been in rehab for drug issues, but seems to continually slip back into his old ways and that does not exactly paint a rosy picture for the future.

Mike Tyson-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

2.Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay pops into rehab like we pop into a baker for some bread, but the difference is that at least we get something useful from the baker. She must know the rehab process better than anybody else out there right now and you just know that she is will be back there again soon.

Lindsay Lohan-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

3.Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy should be permanently in rehab after the life he has led. It is probably easier to list the things that he has not been addicted to and it would certainly be a lot quicker as well. However, we all still love him, so we can forgive him for his pervious problems.

Ozzy Osbourne-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

4.Keith Richards

The fact that this guy is still alive shows that human beings can indeed defy logic. He must have taken more drugs than Peru produces in a year and drank more alcohol than the whiskey industry produces each year and he is still going strong.

Keith Richards-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

5.Kate Moss

This British supermodel has had a major problem with cocaine for a number of years and you cannot completely blame the industry that she is in either. This has led to her making a trip to a posh rehab in order to try to kick the habit, but surely temptation is always there?

Kate Moss-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

6.Jason Priestley

Jason was seen as an absolute heart throb early on in his career, so people were a bit shocked when he ended up checking himself into rehab. It seems to almost be the case that fame got the better of him, so he tried to seek solace in other things leading to addictions that had to be tackled.

Jason Priestley-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

7.Iggy Pop

Iggy seems to have spent his entire life either drunk or high, so it was going to be pretty obvious that he was going to end up in rehab at some point. The only problem here is you just feel that he would have got out of rehab and had a party to celebrate the fact.

Iggy Pop-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation


Eminem eventually checked himself into rehab in order to deal with his addiction to prescription medicine. He said that the drugs almost killed him, but rehab showed him another way and he has of course got back into making music that we all love.

Eminem-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

9.Dick Van Dyke

He may be seen as a clean cut actor, but in actual fact he had a tough battle against drugs and alcohol in the 70s. He actually now has his own charity that runs a rehab center, so he is trying to put something back into the industry that helped him so much.

Dick Van Dyke-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

10.Courtney Love

Courtney has had a well documented problem with drugs for what seems like hundreds of years. This has of course led to her making several trips to rehab, but you then need to question if it is doing anything for her as she always seems to be a mess after it as well.

Courtney Love-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

11.Charlie Sheen

This is not exactly a surprise to find out that Charlie Sheen has been to rehab. In all honesty he should have rehab built onto his very own house the number of times that he needs to go in there. He would be on first name terms with the staff if he was not high on drugs.

Charlie Sheen-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation

12.Anthony Kiedis

The front man of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has battled drug and alcohol issues in the past and he has had to have a couple of stints in rehab. The one thing about him is that he does soldier on and produce some amazing music, but how good could he have been without his addiction issues?

Anthony Kiedis-Famous Celebs Who Went To Rehabilitation



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