Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 6:19 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.cr0tch grab

Unless she has had testicles implanted there is no need for this picture and it does nothing for her. You just imagine her doing some pelvic thrusting as well, but seriously? Move the hand away, we know you need to do some kind of a pose, but think logically about it please.

cr0tch grab-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

2.Scrunchy face

Hmm this is not the kind of image that she likes to have out there as it does appear to be the case that her face has been all scrunched up for no apparent reason. You have to admit that it is not the best look and at times you would hardly even recognize it as being her and that alone should tell you a lot.

Scrunchy face-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

3.One eye

Has someone poked her in one eye and stamped on her foot? That is the only logical reason as to why you would then end up posing like this in a photograph. Apparently she says she hates smiling in photographs, well how would we know since she does that silly tongue thing all of the time anyway?

One eye-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus


There is just no point to this photo or pose. It is embarrassing because she seems to think she is some kind of rock chic when she sings stuff that is as rocky as a marshmallow. If you were the new lead singer of Iron Maiden, then fair enough, but you are Hannah Montana from the Disney channel.

AAAHHH-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

5.Stop it please

This is her twerking thing, but notice once again how the tongue from a Doberman has fell out of her mouth. It then makes her mouth look as if it is absolutely massive and that is not a nice look at all and why does she have her hair done up like a couple of extra ears on top of her head?

Stop it please-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus


These photos can only lead you to the conclusion that Miley has had a special transplant where her own tongue has been replaced by one from a giant dog. That is the only way you can explain why it keeps flapping out of her mouth at every given opportunity and waving around like a sail in the wind. It really does nothing at all for her apart from making her look stupid and boy does it do that.

Twerking-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

7.The spit

Ahh nothing better than seeing a bit star lean over a balcony and watch as they throw out the contents of their own saliva onto the ground below and that is exactly what is going on here. You have to admit it is quite cringe worthy as nobody likes to see this kind of thing although you imagine Miley sees it as a photo opportunity.

The spit-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus


What is with this tongue out thing that she is doing? Also when your breasts are as white as the outfit you are wearing, then perhaps do not wear this kind of top as it just looks silly and you are embarrassing yourself. She may think that people feel it is attractive, but seriously it really is not.

Tape-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

9.Just eat

This picture looks as if Miley has just not mastered the art of eating ice cream as she appears to have pushed it into the roof of her mouth rather than down her throat. Somebody needs to take this poor girl to one side and show her where she is going wrong although lately ice cream is the least of her worries.

Just eat-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus


Is holding an award and smiling not enough now? Do you need to engage in oral sex with it in order to show your appreciation? This has actually been ranked as one of the worst selfie shots ever and you can kind of understand why, oh and why the gun earrings?

Licking-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

11.Just unfortunate

Ok so both of these images are a bit unfortunate with the timing because the one on the left is clearly showing something that it should not while on the right she is pulling the strangest face in the history of humans. It is difficult to even imagine what is going on with the picture on the right because what could you be doing where that face is appropriate?

Just unfortunate-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

12.Just why?

This picture is embarrassing due to the outfit she is wearing because what on earth is that? It looks like something that you would even turn down wearing for a dare due to what it looks like. However, it is also not helped by the rather strange face she is pulling, but then these faces are a recurring theme.

Just why?-Embarrassing Pictures Of Miley Cyrus



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