Disney Snow Sculptures

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 8:26 pm
By:Mike Litzler


It might be poorly made, but it is still Nemo although he has seen better days than this one. It is still a lot of fun, it is still a reasonable size, and you can imagine how excited the kids would have been when they noticed what had been created on their driveway. It must have taken some patience to create this, but with that sun it might not have lasted long.

Nemo-Disney Snow Sculptures


Yep you guessed it, this is your favorite Lion King character, Pumbaa. This is seriously cool that they have managed to carve him out of snow and keep some of that cheeky character and he must be one of the sculptures that most people would go and check out. You can almost hear him talk as you look at him and the sculptor with this character really is very, very talented.

Pumbaa-Disney Snow Sculptures

3.Alice in Wonderland

Ok this may not be the most amazing sculpture you have ever seen, but it does capture a cool part of Alice in Wonderland and it must have taken forever to actually carve it all out. All of the main characters are there and it must have been impressive to see it in real life rather than this image and well done to whoever was behind it for what has to have been a sterling effort.

Alice in Wonderland-Disney Snow Sculptures



This is another character that you cannot fail to recognize and yet again it is very well done by the sculptor. It must be difficult to really capture the character and the emotion of the character in snow, but they have managed to do this as you can just sense the mischief that comes with this character and it is a fantastic part of what is a very impressive sculpture.

Stitch-Disney Snow Sculptures

5.Donald Duck

How cool is this snow sculpture of Donald Duck? It really does capture his character perfectly and it just brings a smile to your face the very minute you look at it. This sculpture really does stand out from the rest in this giant piece of art and there is no way that you cannot do anything other than love it from the moment you set eyes on it.

Donald Duck-Disney Snow Sculptures

6.Goofy and others

This contains Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and what looks like possible Donald Duck, but see how crisp it all is with this carving compared to the amateur attempts. This is part of a massive ice and snow sculpture, but you see the detail and how skilled they are in producing something as spectacular as this.

Goofy and others-Disney Snow Sculptures


They appear to have used every single piece of snow in order to make Goofy here and at least it was worth it and just imagine how good it would have been if they had managed to have all of the correct materials. You cannot mistake his grin here and considering this was not an artist it is an impressive attempt to say the least.

Goofy-Disney Snow Sculptures

8.Giant Mickey

This is a giant Mickey Mouse snow sculpture all on its own and it is very well done and you can spot it is Mickey immediately. Perhaps there could have been a bit more detail if you are going to be critical, but then could you do any better yourself? Probably not, so perhaps best not to be too critical in that respect.

Giant Mickey-Disney Snow Sculptures


Yes this is another amateur Disney snow sculpture, but again you know that it is Dumbo, so it does count as being Disney related. It is also quite impressive as they have managed to capture the character, but it is a shame it was probably destroyed soon after this photograph was taken, but at least their hard work is now available on the Internet.

Dumbo-Disney Snow Sculptures

10.Lion King

This may only be the head of the Lion King, but it is still very well done even if it is not on the same level as the other snow sculptures seen elsewhere. The size is pretty impressive and you do know what it is supposed to be immediately and this is all that you should be looking for when it comes to something made out of snow.

Lion King-Disney Snow Sculptures


This might be hard to believe, but it actually is Pinocchio carved out of snow in the front garden of a house. For an amateur hand it is actually very good and you would certainly impress your neighbors when this appeared out of nowhere. You wonder how long it took them, as well as how long it lasted, but good on them for giving it a go.

Pinocchio-Disney Snow Sculptures


This snow carving does actually include Tinkerbell from Peter Pan in the corner and yet again the detail in this carving really is amazing. The skill involved in doing this is beyond most people and it does not matter if you are a fan of Tinkerbell or not you will still love what has been done here and appreciate the skill involved.

Tinkerbell-Disney Snow Sculptures

13.Wizard Mickey

This sculpture was in China and as you can see it represents the Fantasia idea where Mickey is basically a wizard. It looks so life like considering it is carved out of snow and with the people standing next to it you really do get a better idea of the overall scale of the thing. The fact you can instantly recognize what it is supposed to be is a real bonus.

Wizard Mickey-Disney Snow Sculptures

14.2 dwarves

OK the other five are missing and the quality is not the best, but you have to still admire the work that has gone into this snow sculpture of two of the seven dwarves. Once again this is quite big and it is a standalone sculpture and the way that even the glasses have been created on Doc is unreal. This is a real talent to do something like this.

2 dwarves-Disney Snow Sculptures

15.Mickey & Minnie

This snow sculpture just looks massive, and as like the others the detail in it is what tends to catch your attention from the outset. They have also included the Disney style castle at the side and both children and adults alike have to be astounded at this sculpture and amazed that there are people out there that can carve this kind of thing out of just snow.

Mickey & Minnie-Disney Snow Sculptures

16.25th anniversary

This is a classic Disney snow sculpture and it was created to clearly celebrate some kind of 25th anniversary. As you see it includes perhaps the four characters that they are best known for and the detail in this really is outstanding. Imagine how cool it would be if there was some color in it as well because then it would look as if the cartoon really did come alive.

25th anniversary-Disney Snow Sculptures



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