Celebs With Their Wax Statues

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020, 7:50 pm
By:Tony Williams


This wax dummy replica of Madge is rather like a strange phenomenon. The bits do match her face but the whole doesn't. Her dummy is missing the infamous eye-liner for starters, and her face lacks the hamster cheeks Madge is so proud of. The worse mistake on this wax dummy though is that it does not have dark roots. Madge always has dark roots.

Madonna-Celebs With Their Wax Statues


Oprah has been given a wider forehead, lighter eyes, and her nostrils look slightly sunken? The real life Oprah looks fifty times better.

Oprah-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

3.Jennifer Aniston

In real life Jennifer Aniston looks kind of weather beaten and healthy. Like an outdoor girl. Her wax dummy looks like she's been under a lot of stress lately and she has sworn off the sun. Her parting appears too high too? We've never seen Jen wearing bright orange lip-stick either.

Jennifer Aniston-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

4.Cameron Diaz

Cameron's wax dummy looks super cute and super smooth. This is how she might look after a ton of botox? Let's hope she keeps it natural as she does, there is far more expression in her face.

Cameron Diaz-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

5.Jim Carrey

Jim's dummy looks pretty great. They have certainly capture that odd smile of his. His hair is slightly thicker, which appears to have shortened his forehead?

Jim Carrey-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

6.Barack Obama

They did a pretty good job with Obama's wax dummy, except they seem to have lost the little boyish charm he has. Perhaps his face is slightly more symmetrical on the wax dummy?

Barack Obama-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

7.Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig's wax dummy looks fantastic. He also must have appreciated the line removal, skin altered and slight jaw line lift they gave him.

Daniel Craig-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

8.Penelope Cruz

When Penelope first saw her statue, she must have felt like she was meeting a new friend. Since it hardly looks like her at all. it kind of does but doesn't? Perhaps it is her sisters wax dummy?

Penelope Cruz-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

9.Jessica Simpson

Jessica's wax statue looks oily and a little scared. In real life her skin is quite pink toned and fresh looking. her statue has a the slight jaundice tinge.

Jessica Simpson-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

10.George Clooney

Poor old George Clooney, this good looking dude got the rough end of the stick. He looks like an overfed politician instead of the hunk he is. What happened to his lovely tan too?

George Clooney-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

11.Kate Moss

With a wax replica of yourself it can go either way. You can either look strange, or really great. Kate must have shook the hand of the wax maker since she looks non stoned and rather smooth skinned. Perhaps how Kate wished she looked?

Kate Moss-Celebs With Their Wax Statues

12.Gwen Stefani

Gwen liked her statue so much she French kissed it. Okay! exaggeration, but still, should we all be worried?

Gwen Stefani-Celebs With Their Wax Statues



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