Celebs Who Had Abortion

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 10:35 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna admitted in an interview with Playboy that she did indeed have an abortion when she was younger. She was quite candid in her interview and at least confirmed the rumors that had been floating around for some time.

Rosanna Arquette-Celebs Who Had Abortion

2.Sinead O Connor

This rather strange Irish singer has admitted to having had an abortion and indeed she went ahead with it while she was on a tour of the United States. It is certainly a strange time to go ahead and have this kind of thing done.

Sinead O Connor-Celebs Who Had Abortion

3.Penny Marshall

Penny is of course a famous director and she has also admitted that she has indeed had an abortion. She is also quite clear that she has no regrets whatsoever about having had it done and is completely at peace with her decision.

Penny Marshall-Celebs Who Had Abortion

4.Frida Kahlo

Frida is different in that she has had to have three abortions, but all because of a medical reason. Each time her baby has just been in the wrong position with her pelvis and has been injured, so it is better at that point to terminate the pregnancy.

Frida Kahlo-Celebs Who Had Abortion

5.Stevie Nicks

Stevie was of course a massive star thanks to Fleetwood Mac, but she has also known for having had an abortion. She says that the decision to go ahead still weighs heavily on her shoulders and she regrets having gone ahead with it.

Stevie Nicks-Celebs Who Had Abortion

6.Gloria Steinem

Gloria is of course a well known activist for women's rights, but she is also quite honest when she talks about having had an abortion when she was 22. She does regret having had it done and may very well have decided against it if she could go back in time.

Gloria Steinem-Celebs Who Had Abortion

7.Amber Smith

This model has apparently had an abortion although it was really kept under wraps for whatever reason that may be. She was also apparently a sex addict, so you can kind of see where the need for an abortion comes in.

Amber Smith-Celebs Who Had Abortion

8.Sherri Shepherd

This TV show host has admitted to having had not just one abortion, but a number of them over her life time. She has been quite open about this, although does not give the exact figure, and she will talk to anybody about her experiences with it.

Sherri Shepherd-Celebs Who Had Abortion

9.Lucille Ball

Friends of this star have stated that she confessed to them that she had actually had an abortion at one point in her life. This would have been a bit of a scandal back in the 50s and 60s so they kept it quiet until much later on in life.

Lucille Ball-Celebs Who Had Abortion

10.Suzanne Somers

Suzanne was one of those crazy people that decided they were going to give themselves an abortion. The outcome was that she almost bled to death and is a prime example of why you should never do that no matter how desperate you may be.

Suzanne Somers-Celebs Who Had Abortion

11.Marilyn Monroe

This is not fully confirmed, but there is strong evidence that Marilyn Monroe did indeed have an abortion. In actual fact, some people argue that by the time she was 29 that she had already had a staggering 12 of them.

Marilyn Monroe-Celebs Who Had Abortion

12.Vanessa L. Williams

Vanessa has confessed to having had an abortion when she was a teenager as she just felt that she was far too young to become a mother. She thought that it would be in the best interests of everybody if she went ahead and had the termination.

Vanessa L. Williams-Celebs Who Had Abortion

13.Margaret Cho

Margaret is very vocal when it comes to women's right, but has her position been made more difficult since she has admitted to having had an abortion? Some people certainly think so.

Margaret Cho-Celebs Who Had Abortion

14.Ava Gardner

It is said that Ava had two abortions in her life time and both times the father was reportedly Frank Sinatra. Why she had them done, and what he thought about it, is something that we will now never find out.

Ava Gardner-Celebs Who Had Abortion

15.Jean Harlow

Jean was a famous actress who reportedly had a number of abortions in her life. It just seems as if she was not ready to be a mother and had no intention of ever being one leading to all of those abortions.

Jean Harlow-Celebs Who Had Abortion

16.Shelley Winters

It is rumored that Shelly Winters had not just one abortion near the start of her career, but in actual fact she had two. Once again you only have to think about how bad the medical care was back then to imagine how difficult it would have been to go through with it all.

Shelley Winters-Celebs Who Had Abortion

17.Chris Evert

Chris was a massive tennis star and she fell pregnant with the father being the tennis legend Jimmy Connors. However, she went ahead and had an abortion without even talking to him about having it done.

Chris Evert-Celebs Who Had Abortion

18.Joan Collins

Joan fell pregnant when she was in her 20s and the father was going to be her fiance of the time, Warren Beatty. However, she decided that she was not ready to be a mother and went ahead with the abortion.

Joan Collins-Celebs Who Had Abortion

19.Lil' Kim

Lil' Kim was pregnant with a baby that was fathered by the Notorious BIG, who was also married at the same time. She ended up deciding to have an abortion rather than to go ahead with the birth and bring the baby up on her own.

Lil' Kim-Celebs Who Had Abortion

20.Rita Hayworth

Rita was of course another massive star back in the golden era of Hollywood and she was known to have had an abortion at the height of her fame. She reportedly said that she was having it done as she was not married at the time.

Rita Hayworth-Celebs Who Had Abortion

21.Judy Garland

Judy was a massive star in the golden era of Hollywood and it was certainly not the done thing to go ahead and have an abortion. However, she did just that back in 1942 and you can imagine how horrible it must have been.

Judy Garland-Celebs Who Had Abortion

22.Whoopi Goldberg

This is distressing all on its own because apparently she performed an abortion on herself when she was only 14 years old. She is said to have used a coat hanger and clearly that is not something that is recommended.

Whoopi Goldberg-Celebs Who Had Abortion

23.Sharon Osbourne

Sharon is of course the wife of Ozzy and she has been quite frank in saying that one of the biggest regrets that she has in her life is having had an abortion. Apparently it is something that she has never fully gotten over.

Sharon Osbourne-Celebs Who Had Abortion

24.Chelsea Handler

Chelsea has been surprisingly open about having had an abortion as well as the fact that she had it when she was just 16. She hopes that by speaking out about it that it will make it easier for other women or girls in the same predicament.

Chelsea Handler-Celebs Who Had Abortion



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