Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

Sunday, Jun 28, 2020, 8:42 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Mel Gibson

In one of the more well known celebrity arrests, Mel Gibson was arrested in 2006 on DUI charges and then proceeded to shout anti-semitic slurs at the arresting officers. Even though he issued an apology, many people have not forgotten his words, his career taking a downturn ever since.

Mel Gibson-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

2.Andy Dick

Andy Dick is known for being outrageously funny, but not for being just plain out outrageous and indecent. He as arrested in 2008 for exposing a teenage girl's chest, but that wouldn't be the first time he saw the inside of a jail cell. In 2010, he groped two people outside of a comedy club in West Virginia, and was subsequently arrested.

Andy Dick-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

3.Hugh Grant

In 1995, Hugh Grant was arrested for indecent conduct with a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. He was seen performing lewd acts in his car with the pr0stitute, by a policeman, who subsequently arrested the thirty four year old actor. His girlfriend, at the time, actress Elizabeth Hurley, broke it off with him shortly thereafter.

Hugh Grant-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

4.Winona Ryder

Over 12 years ago, Winona Ryder stole $5000 worth of goods from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, California. It's hard to believe that an actress of her status would need to steal, but she did it and is quoted as saying that "she didn't have a tremendous amount of guilt, because I hadn't hurt anyone."

Winona Ryder-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

5.David Cassidy

Once a teen idol, selling out more concerts than the Beatles, David Cassidy fell from grace in a big way. The washed up actor/singer was arrested in August of 2013 on DUI charges when an officer pulled him over for having his high beams on when unnecessary. He looks a lot like his actor father, the late Jack Cassidy now.

David Cassidy-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

6.Emma Roberts

Niece of Julia Roberts, actress Emma Roberts now stars in the television sitcom, "We're The Millers." However, the young starlet was arrested in Canada for domestic violence when she attacked her boyfriend, Evan Peters. She stars with him in the television drama "American Horror Story." The actor had a bloody note and bite mark, but the actress was released without charges.

Emma Roberts-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

7.Josh Brolin

Actor Josh Brolin was arrested for public intoxication in the beginning of 2013. He only spent four hours in jail, posting bail right away. It being New Year's Day, he was probably just having too good of a time the night before, but when you're a celebrity you've got to stay on the down low.

Josh Brolin-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

8.Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of jail one of which was a reckless driving charge in March of 2013. Her sentence was 90 days in rehab and 30 days of community services, as well as having to complete 18 months of psychological counseling. She is known for repeatedly going against the system for breaking out of rehab or just not going.

Lindsay Lohan-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

9.Jason London

The "Dazed And Confused" star definitely seemed dazed and confused when he was arrested after a bar fight and then pooped his pants in the back see of the police car. This occurred in Scottsdale, Arizona, with the fight breaking out because London sneezed on the bouncer and wouldn't apologize to him.

Jason London-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

10.Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes seems to have fallen off the deep end this past year. In May of 2013 she was arrested in New York City for reckless endangerment, possession, and evidence tampering. After the police were called she threw a bong out a 36th floor window. Following that arrest she was arrested again, and held in the psychiatric ward for starting a fire in a driveway in California.

Amanda Bynes-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

11.Reese Witherspoon

America's sweetheart Reese Witherspoon was arrested on disorderly conduct charges in Atlanta. The incident occurred in April of 2013 where both she and her talent agent husband, Jim Toth were shooting the film, "The Good Lie." He was arrested for drunk driving and Reese disagreed very loudly, landing her in the slammer.

Reese Witherspoon-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013

12.Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson was arrested on battery charges. She allegedly attacked a friend in Newport Beach. Jameson accused the friend of breaking into her house and stealing everything. It was reported that the friend held her under citizens arrest, following the attack, until the police arrived.

Jenna Jameson-Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2013



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