12 Celebrities Wearing Funny T-Shirts

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 12:22 pm
By:Tony Williams

Hey, those of you who haven't worn a funny t-shirt in your life, raise your hands! Ah, not many hands, we bet! Funny tees are cool, aren't they? A hilarious picture or a slogan on the t-shirt reveals the cooler side of us to the world! Furthermore, such tees mock or insult people we hate, without us needing to utter a single world! Our beloved Tinseltown stars wear funny tees too. They wear the tees to send a message, or mock someone and a lot of times just to look cool. Check these photos of 12 celebrities who were spotted wearing funny t-shirts in public. 

Why not take advantage of being photographed all day every day by the paparazzi. Kim had her whole family wear t-shirts saying "vote for Kim" when she was dancing on the hit reality show, "Dancing With The Stars." A great way to advertise Kim, and to get votes, even though ultimately she didn't win.

Kardashians-12 Celebrities Wearing Funny T-Shirts

8.Cara Delevingne

At a time when most people find twerking trashy, we had a celebrity who tried to make a statement supporting the awkward butt jiggle! The English actress thinks twerking is cool! Apparently, the slogan on her t-shirt reads, "Twerking is not a crime."

Cara Delevingne-12 Celebrities Wearing Funny T-Shirts
Our subconscious mind couldn't stop thinking about Miley Cyrus when we saw Cara's t-shirt, and we suspected that the picture had some connection to the "Queen of Twerk." And we are damn right on that, as a little research unearthed the second picture, in which you can see Miley Cyrus grabbing Cara Delevingne's boobs! The picture was taken at Paris Fashion Week, 2014.

Cara Delevingne-12 Celebrities Wearing Funny T-Shirts

9.Rupert Grint

Draco Malfoy continuously mocked Ron Weasley for being a poor wizard, on the big screen! He even made Weasley puke slugs! It seems the onscreen foes are very good friends in real life. The slogan on Rupert Grint's t-shirt reads as, "I love Tom Felton." This photo may raise a few eyebrows, but let us tell you that Rupert was just supporting his friend, Tom, by attending the "Rise of Planet of the Apes (2011)" premiere wearing the t-shirt. Remember, the beauty with brain, Emma Watson, admitted on many occasions that she used to have a huge crush on Tom Felton during the shoot of the Harry Potter films.

Rupert Grint-12 Celebrities Wearing Funny T-Shirts