12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:04 am
By:Tony Williams

It is tough to get over the loss of a family member even if it was a natural death. It's even harder to overcome the death of a family member who's murdered. Unfortunately, thousands of people around the world are killed every year. The homicide rate is higher even in the developed and educated countries like the United States. Sadly, some of our celebs have lost their family members in homicide. Check the sad stories of the 12 celebrities whose parents were murdered. A few of them have lost more than one family member. 
1.Omarosa Manigault

This reality TV star had a family tragedy when her father was murdered when she was just seven years old. She then had another tragedy in 2011 when her brother was also murdered.

Omarosa Manigault-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

2.Gregg And Duane Allman

Their father was unfortunately murdered by a guy called Buddy Green. Buddy was a hitchhiker and their father was good enough to offer him a lift not realizing it would be the biggest mistake of his life.

Gregg And Duane Allman-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

3.Kelsey Grammer

This guy may of course be a huge star, but his father was murdered back in 1968. He then had a second tragedy when his sister was raped and murdered in 1975.

Kelsey Grammer-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

4.Sean Lennon

This one is very well known because his father was of course John Lennon and he was murdered by a deranged fan in 1980. This is probably the most famous celebrity murder of all time.

Sean Lennon-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

5.Malcolm X

The father of one of the greatest leaders Malcolm X, who was Rev. Earl Little, was killed by being pushed under a car which then ran him over. At first they claimed it was all an accident, but a white supremacist group was actually to blame.

Malcolm X-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

6.Dave Navarro

The mother of Dave Navarro was shot dead in her apartment back in 1983. She was actually murdered by her ex-boyfriend who also killed one of her friends at the same time. Did you know Dave Navarro stripped for charity?  

Dave Navarro-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

7.Charice Pempengco

This star from Glee had a recent tragedy when her father was actually stabbed to death back in her native Philippines. All that he was guilty of was walking into a guy who was drunk as he then took exception to it and stabbed him.

Charice Pempengco-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered


8.Charlize Theron

The Oscar winner Charlize Theron actually witnessed her mother killing her father, but all in self-defense. Her father came home drunk, fired his shotgun into the room her mother was in, which was an attempt to kill her, and she returned fire killing him instantly. Did you know Charlize has OCD?  

Charlize Theron-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

9.Michael Jordan

The Billion Dollar net worth basketball player, Michael Jordan's father was killed in 1993 when he pulled over at the side of the highway in order to catch up on some sleep. Two guys decided to steal his car, so shot him dead and dumped his body which was only discovered a number of weeks later. Did you know Michael Jordan once faced a lawsuit from Allen Heckard.

Michael Jordan-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered


10.Patrick Duffy

American actor Patrick Duffy's parents were shot dead by armed robbers back in 1986. On November 18, 1986, two teenagers, Kenneth Miller and Sean Wentz broke into his parents' apartment and killed both his mother and father for resisting the robbery. Patrick was 37 years old at that time. Both the gunmen were sentenced to 75 years in prison. In 2007, one of the murderers, Sean Wentz, was released on parole as the other gunman Kenneth Miller confessed to the court that he was the lone gunman in the attack. Patrick Duffy said he was okay with the parole. He thought the shooter had suffered enough in the jail, spending 20 years of his youth behind the bars.   

Patrick Duffy-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

11.Jennifer Hudson

The musician Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson had a lot of tragedy around her when her mother, brother, and a nephew were all murdered by her brother-in-law, William Balfour. He was found guilty of first degree murder after shooting them all dead.

Jennifer Hudson-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered


12.Dylan McDermott

Dylan recently discovered that his mother was killed by her then boyfriend back in 1967. It took them decades to finally work it out and it involved him contacting them with a few enquiries himself, but they finally worked out that he shot her.

Dylan McDermott-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered



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