12 Celebrities Who Have Foot Fetish

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 5:14 am
By:James Fraser

If you think you have sexy feet, cover them when you get a chance to meet one of these celebs! These celebrities have extreme foot fetish, and they may express their desire to suck on your toes! Before you scream WTF, let us tell you that many of our top celebs have this weird foot fetish. As you may know, foot fetishism or foot worshipping is a bizarre sexual fetish in which an individual is sexually attracted to human feet. Approximately 5% of Americans said to be foot lovers. As said earlier, the entertainment industry is no short of toe suckers. Let's have a quick look at the 12 celebs who are deeply into foot fetishism.
10.Ricky Martin

The Puerto Rican singer rocked the early 2000s with his epic singles that would go down in history as some of the best songs ever recorded. Ricky Martin is a foot fetishist, and the confession came directly from him. In an interview given some time back, Ricky Martin told a reporter how he would enjoy sucking on pretty toes. This isn't the only weird fetish the "Sound Loaded" star has. Ricky Martin once admitted that he was an urophiliac. Urophilia, commonly known as Golden Shower, is a kind of sexual attraction toward urine or urination. He said that in an interview given to Blender Magazine.

Ricky Martin-12 Celebrities Who Have Foot Fetish

11.Enrique Iglesias

Like Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias too rocked the late 90s and the early 2000s. The "Escape" singer once admitted in a radio interview that he was a foot fetishist. The Spanish singer said he was not deeply into foot worshipping, but enjoyed pampering his girlfriends' feet occasionally. Enrique Iglesias told the radio host that he loved seeing bare feet of women. Like any other typical foot fetishist, Enrique Iglesias like clean, well-maintained, and beautiful feet with long toes. He says ugly feet are an instant turnoff, and he can never wholeheartedly love a woman with bad feet even if she has a beautiful face.

Enrique Iglesias-12 Celebrities Who Have Foot Fetish

12.Jay Leno

The famous American television personality and the former host of NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has some love for sexy feet of women. He once fondled Heather Locklear's feet in one of his shows. Jay Leno jokingly admitted to having a kind attraction toward bare feet on a couple of occasions. However, he never shared the details like intensity of his fetish or the "footxual" encounters he had in the past. 
Most people find foot fetishism weird. This is the reason many foot lovers live behind the curtain and don't openly talk about their fetish. If you are one of those, we want you to have fun by checking these sexiest celebrity feet and legs.

Jay Leno-12 Celebrities Who Have Foot Fetish