Celebrities Who Married Secretly

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:47 pm
By:Tony Williams

We think all celebrities are just trying to grab public attention for whatever they do(You know whom I am talking about), but not all celebs believe in being attention whores and feel some things in life should be done in privacy. Not everyone wants the world to know how they got married and who were all invited. Here are 12 celebrities who married secretly.
1.Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an actress who has seen her star rise quite considerably in the last few years, so of course when she was getting married there was always going to be a lot of interest in it and magazines offering huge sums of money to cover it. However, that did not interest her and she ended up marrying Brian Austin Green in a private ceremony that was just special to them and those closest to them.

Megan Fox-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

2.Sandra Bullock

Sandra is still in the public eye even though she may not be as big a star as she used to be. However, she still decided to get married to Jesse James in secret, although it was not so secretive when it was discovered that he was cheating on her.

Sandra Bullock-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

3.Alicia Keys

Alicia is one amazing singer and musician, but hopefully she did not feel the need to sing at her own wedding, but then as they married in secret we will never really know. She actually ended up marrying the very cool Swiss Beatz and is that not one of the best names you have ever heard?

Alicia Keys-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

4.Renee Zellweger

Renee is a bit of a strange one because she seems to move between wanting the press there and then wanting to be left alone. The fact that she then decided to get married to Kenny Chesney in secret does just fall in with how she plans her entire career even though we would have loved to have been part of it.

Renee Zellweger-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

5.Julia Roberts

At one point Julia was the biggest star in Hollywood, so she could have easily commanded a massive fee from any of the magazines to cover her wedding. However, she decided against that when she was getting married to Danny Moder and she probably had a better time as well.

Julia Roberts-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

6.Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth does like to keep out of the public eye and there is never any controversy surrounding her. The same can be said for her husband Chris Martin because apart from being the lead singer of Coldplay you never hear of him either. The fact that they then got married in secret is, therefore, not the biggest shock in the world.

Gwyneth Paltrow-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

7.Jennifer Lopez

Everybody knows that Jenny from the block loves publicity, so it does seem a bit strange that she then went ahead and got married in secret to Marc Antony. Surely she would have loved having as much fanfare as possible there?

Jennifer Lopez-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

8.Penelope Cruz

Penelope is a seriously famous actress, so magazines would have been fighting each other in order to get exclusive access to her wedding. However, she managed to marry Javier Bardem without them and is probably a lot happier as a result.

Penelope Cruz-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

9.Britney Spears

Britney has had her ups and downs with relationships, but she ended up marrying Kevin Federline in secret a few years ago. When you then see what he is like it is understandable why she kept it a secret.

Britney Spears-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

10.Tom Brady

You would think that if you are one of the best football players and you are marrying one of the top supermodels in Gisele Bundchen that it would merit a lot of coverage in the press. All of that just seems to be an absolute given, but somehow this couple managed to get married completely in secret, which is pretty amazing considering their fame.

Tom Brady-Celebrities Who Married Secretly

11.Kate Winslet

Kate is not exactly the type of person that goes out to court fame and that even applies to how she ended up getting married. We knew nothing about her plans until she announced that she had married the rather cool named Ned RocknRoll.

Kate Winslet-Celebrities Who Married Secretly


Well we all know that Beyonce is married to Jay-Z, but they managed to get married without all of the glamour that you would have expected from them. Instead, it was a low key affair and the first we really knew about it was when it hit the news.

Beyonce-Celebrities Who Married Secretly



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