Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 6:54 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Robert Reed The Brady Bunch

Robert was best remembered as the funny and nice dad in the Brady Bunch series. No one realized the clean cut and clean living dad of six in the series had secrets. He died at the age of 52 from colon cancer related to AIDS. His grief stricken public then found out the news of his hidden homosexuality.

Robert Reed The Brady Bunch-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

2.Franklyn Seales Actor

Franklyn was first remembered for his role in Silver Spoons and then Star Trek. A good looking and sought after actor his career sadly ended at the young age of 37.

Franklyn Seales Actor-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

3.Arthur Ashe Athlete

Famed Wimbledon tennis player and first black man to win the Wimbledon singles award, Arthur Ashe contracted HIV through a contaminated blood transfusion. Although a fit man and sports fanatic he died at the young age of only 49.

Arthur Ashe Athlete-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

4.Fela Kuti

Fela used music as his tool to tell the story of political injustices. He hailed from Nigeria and soon hit international stardom through his mastery of afro-beat. He married over 27 woman and admits that his love of women probably killed him. He died at the age of 58.

Fela Kuti-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

5.Willi Smith

Willi was one of industries first famous black American fashion designers. He focused on street fashion and couture. He died at the young age of 39 in 1989.

Willi Smith-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS


Eazy-E was a larger than life hip 'gangsta' style rapper hanging with the likes of Ice-T. Sadly Eazy contracted aids from what is thought unsafe sex. He told the public he had many children with many different mothers. He died shortly after his announcement.

Eazy-E-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

7.Rock Hudson 1950's Hunk

Wherever Rock Hudson went, screaming female fans followed. He was adored as a hunk of an actor in the 1950's and so decided to keep his homosexuality a secret. As he got older he got sicker and eventually confessed to a shocked public. He died short after.

Rock Hudson 1950's Hunk-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

8.Elisabeth Glaser - Mother

Elisabeth Glaser was more well known for being the wife of actor Paul Glaser, until she fell pregnant. Once her baby girl was born, Elisabeth was given a blood transfusion. The blood she received contaminated both her and her baby. Baby Ariel only lived until she was 7 years old and Elisabeth Glaser died too.

Elisabeth Glaser - Mother-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

9.Pedro Zamora - Aids Poster Boy

Pedro first found out he was HIV positive at Junior High. He became the face of AIDS and a keen activist. He died at the very young age of 22 after doing so much good work for the cause.

Pedro Zamora - Aids Poster Boy-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

10.Freddie Mercury - Loved and Adored

His music and stage presence was loved and admired by many and despite his infamy and great abilities, nothing could save him from the ravaging illness.

Freddie Mercury - Loved and Adored-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

11.Anthony Perkins - Psycho

Anthony Perkins is best remembered for his intimidating and excellence acting skills in the famous movie Psycho. Perkins never discussed his illness with anyone feeling that if the industry knew his secret he would be shunned.

Anthony Perkins - Psycho-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

12.Liberace - Much Loved Entertainer

A flamboyant entertainer and great pianist Liberace never discussed his illness nor his sexuality. He died eventually of pneumonia complications related to AIDS.

Liberace - Much Loved Entertainer-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS

13.Gia Carangi - Top Model

Gia was one of the first famous persons to publicly die of AIDS. A stunning model in her time she picked up a drug habit and subsequently acquired HIV from contaminated needles.

Gia Carangi - Top Model-Celebrities Who Died Of AIDS



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