Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

Monday, Feb 24, 2020, 8:49 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Ivanka Trump

Ivanka is a celebrity in her own right, but then she is the daughter of Donald Trump, so that has undoubtedly helped her to get ahead in life. Of course it also means that she is going to inherit a lot of money as well as a number of buildings.

Ivanka Trump-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

2.Liesel Pritzker

Liesel does indeed come from a very important family as she is the heiress to Hyatt Hotels as well as Royal Caribbean cruise liners, so you can have a guess at how many millions, if not billions, that is all worth.

Liesel Pritzker-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

3.Balthazar Getty

If you have looked at that last name and jumped to a conclusion, then your conclusion is actually right. His great grandfather was indeed J Paul Getty the famous oil tycoon, so you can imagine how much money the entire family is worth.

Balthazar Getty-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

4.Spike Jonze

In order to understand the link here we need to use his real name, which is Adam Spiegel. This family is connected to the catalogue family of the same name and it is estimated that they are worth in the region of $3 billion.

Spike Jonze-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

5.Carly Simon

You may wonder what the Simon family could be involved in that makes them so rich, but that is until you discover that they are the Simon out of Simon and Schuster Publishing. This is one of the biggest publishing houses in North America, so of course they are going to be wealthy.

Carly Simon-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

6.Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase was massive in the 80's but has he ever reached the same heights as the family business that he will inherit? His family is involved in a company called Crane Plumbing and they are actually big business especially in the world of toilets.

Chevy Chase-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

7.Brooke Shields

OK so this is a bit different because Brooke is not so much into inheriting money, but it is more about titles and being involved in European aristocracy. She is in line to inherit a number of titles from across the continent, but mainly from Italy.

Brooke Shields-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

8.Edward Norton

Edward is a cool actor, but did you know that he is also heir to a fortune that has been built up in his family due to them being involved in real estate? His grandfather is apparently the person that we have to thank for the invention of the shopping mall.

Edward Norton-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

9.Armie Hammer

Armie may very well be making waves in the world of acting all by himself, but his family is also involved in the oil business. He is part of the Hammer family that is worth in the region of $200 million.

Armie Hammer-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

10.Anderson Cooper

Anderson is one of those people that you just cannot fail to forget about, but when it comes to being an heir, then he is linked to a fortune that is worth an estimated $100 million thanks to his mother. His mother is Gloria Vanderbilt and is part of that huge and important family.

Anderson Cooper-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

11.Julia Louis-Dreyfus

She is not only an actress, but she is also the heir to the Louis-Dreyfus fortune that has been built up due to their involvement in the commodities market. It was started by her grandfather in France and it is now worth in the region of $3 billion.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs

12.Paris Hilton

Paris is probably the most famous heir at this moment in time, but that is due to her just having to be in the limelight constantly. She is of course part of the Hilton family that has a lot of wealth due to their hotel chain.

Paris Hilton-Celebrities Who Are Also Heirs



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