Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 8:21 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Robin Williams

Mork from Ork is really at home in British Columbia, Canada on his own private island in Pender Harbor. The comedian and actor seems like a big people person, always making everyone laugh, but it must get tiring. Sometimes you just got to leave it all behind and go where no one knows your name.

Robin Williams-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

2.Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is one pretty woman, especially on the beach. These days she owns her own private island in the Bahamas. With crystal blue warm waters, its the perfect escape from Hollywood and all the hub bub surrounding her career. The actress and producer needs a little time away every now and then.

Julia Roberts-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

3.Steven Spielberg

After directing a movie like 1975's "Jaws" you might not want to be alone on an island surrounded by water and who knows what size shark. However, Steven Spielberg isn't afraid. He owns a private island off the coast of Portugal, in Madeira Archipelago. Every big celebrity should own their own private recluse.

Steven Spielberg-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

4.Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been the proud owner of Blackadore Caye Island since 2005. The small island off the coast of Belize is a great retreat for the actor when he isn't shooting a blockbuster film. An airport is in the works to be built on the property in the near future.

Leonardo DiCaprio-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

5.Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is known for being a beach girl from her role on the infamous Baywatch television series. She must enjoy romping on the beach in real life too because she has her very own private island given to her by her ex Tommy Lee in 2007. The island is off the coast of Dubai.

Pamela Anderson-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

6.Nicholas Cage

It makes perfect sense that Nicholas Cage purchased an island in the Bahamas. With a home on Paradise Island, he is a long time Bahamas resident. Cage purchased the small island of Leaf Cay in the Bahamas for his very own. And the proximity to long time friend Johnny Depp, made it an even easier decision.

Nicholas Cage-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

7.Celine Dion

Our hearts will always go on for Celine Dion and so does hers for her beloved husband and three sons, who all enjoy her private island in Quebec. The $29.7 million island is called Gagnon, and is a getaway for the singer and her family whenever they need some seclusion and relaxation.

Celine Dion-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

8.Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is not knew to owning private islands. The once owner of a private island in the Bahamas, called Pearl, Murphy gave up that island to purchase another one in 2007. The owner of Rooster Cay Island in the Bahamas, Eddie didn't go too far. How could he, the ocean there is superb.

Eddie Murphy-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

9.Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is said to have taken pilot lessons so he could fly his private plane to this his privately owned island. Wait, he has his own plane and his own island? That's right. Perry purchased White Bay Cay in 2008. Located in TheExuma Cays in the Bahamas, Madea must have treated him right.

Tyler Perry-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

10.David Copperfield

It's not an illusion, but it's definitely by magic that David Copperfield has his own private island. The superstar magician purchased the island of Musha Cay for $50 million. The island, in the Bahamas, is the perfect retreat for Copperfield for when he really and truly wants to disappear.

David Copperfield-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

11.Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has owned his own private island since 2005. Mago Island is located in Fiji and is Gibson's little hideaway from the world. And when you're a Hollywood superstar who can sometimes be a little controversial, it helps to have your own island to jet off to and get away from everyone.

Mel Gibson-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island

12.Johnny Depp

In true pirate style, Johnny Depp owns his own private island. The 45 acre island in the Caribbean is called Little Hall's Pond Cay, and he credits Marlon Brando for being the one who taught him how to buy an island. Now that's a lesson you wouldn't find in regular society.

Johnny Depp-Celebrities Who Own A Private Island



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