12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 8:43 am
By:Tony Williams

Most of us relate diabetes to overweight, sedentary lifestyle, and bad eating habits. If you too are one of those people who have this kind of misconception on the disease, you need to change it now! Diabetes can strike anyone, even an active athlete or a slim and attractive celebrity. You now will know the names of the 12 celebrities who have been suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Most of these celebrities are young and look too fit to be a diabetic person. The good thing is that the stars have been trying their best to stay healthy. They have been educating people on the dangers of the malady, and ways to reduce the risk of catching it.
1.Nick Jonas

Still so young, pop star Nick Jonas has Type I diabetes. He's had it since he was only thirteen years old. That didn't stop him from reaching for his dreams. At twenty one years old, he is managing the disease quite well on his own and has a lucrative career in the music business.

Nick Jonas-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

2.Vanessa Williams

The former Miss America, Vanessa L. Williams, is a diabetic patient too. The dangerous and incurable disease hit her at a very young age. The 53-year-old star, since then, has been living a healthy lifestyle, keeping her blood glucose levels under control. Vanessa is one of the very few diabetic celebrities who support diabetes related charity works. She has been voicing her opinion and views on how to stay healthy despite being a diabetic. In fact, Vanessa actively supports many other health and wellness related charities as well.  Did you know Vanessa Williams' daughter is considered one of the ugliest looking kid?  

Vanessa Williams-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

3.George Lucas

Multimillionaire George Lucas was just 23 years old when he found out he had been suffering from type 2 diabetes. Becoming the United States Air Force officer was his dream. He couldn't become one as he received far too many speeding tickets during his younger years. However, the United States Army drafted him for the Vietnam War but dropped him at the last moment because his medical tests showed he had diabetes. The 72-year-old Star Wars creator and billionaire celebrity said to have inherited the disease from his paternal grandfather. George Lucas set a great example for millions of diabetic patients around the world by keeping his blood sugars levels under control for about 50 long years. 

George Lucas-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

4.Halle Berry

Beautiful actress Halle Berry has had Type II diabetes since she was a young adult. She's managed the disease very well, changing her diet when she was diagnosed. Eating lean proteins, fresh vegetables and no sugar laden foods, the actress is able to lead a normal and productive life, giving us great performances in film. Did you know Halle Berry has 6 toes?

Halle Berry-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

5.Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels has had Type I diabetes since he was just six years old. The disease is dangerous at such a young age, when other kids are eating peanut butter and jelly, candy and chocolate, children with diabetes have to be very careful and often don't have the discipline to say no to these foods. Did you know Bret Micheals once made a sex tape of him?

Bret Michaels-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

6.Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle coined the phrase Divabetic preferring to call herself that rather than a diabetic. The singer songwriter turns seventy this year and looks well preserved. Born in Philadelphia, LaBelle's soulful voice catapulted her into super stardom, where's she's become an icon in the music industry. Diabetes certainly hasn't stopped her.

Patti LaBelle-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

7.Paul Sorvino

Goodfellas star Paul Sorvino has diabetes and fights the symptoms every day. Diabetes is a difficult disease if you don't take control of your diet. For those eating out a lot it can be hard to keep blood sugar levels steady. Insulin readers are essential to make sure not to go into sugar shock.

Paul Sorvino-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes


8.Paula Deen

The racist celebrity Paula Deen cooked her way into America's hearts on her hit television show, but her recipes soon changed after learning she had Type II diabetes. It is so important to regulate you blood sugar levels through diet rather than just relying on medication. Foods that high on the glycemic index can be deadly for someone like her.

Paula Deen-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

9.Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore learned that she had Type I diabetes during her shooting of her hit television show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. This was back in the 70's and treatments have improved dramatically since then. She is a diabetes advocate who works to bring awareness to the disease.

Mary Tyler Moore-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes


10.Larry King

Larry King is a brand new man. After receiving a diagnosis of Type II diabetes, the talk show host made a big change. He stopped smoking, chose a healthier diet, began an exercise program and is leading a much healthier lifestyle. Born in 1933, Larry King is 80 years old and still going strong. Did you know Larry King married Alene Akins Twice?   

Larry King-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

11.Tom Hanks

We all love the multimillionaire actor Tom Hanks and have watched him grow into a full fledged movie star. However, in a David Letterman interview the star revealed that he had Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is more manageable than Type 1 and usually occurs later in life, as a result of a variety of things such as diet, lifestyle, genetics, and more.

Tom Hanks-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

12.Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2007 when she was 40 years old. She found out she had diabetes days before she started co-hosting the talk show, "The View." Sherri believes that diabetes has, in fact, helped her to stay healthy! Ever since she knew she had the condition, she has been eating good food, exercising and taking good care of her health. With the help of a personal trainer and a nutritionist, the 49-year-old comedian and TV personality, has lost about 40 pounds in the last few years. She said she would have continued living an awful lifestyle had she not been diagnosed with diabetes! Did you know Sherri Shepherd had an abortion once?  

Sherri Shepherd-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes



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