Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 8:33 am
By:Tony Williams

Drinking is harmful for your health as we all know. If you are an alcohol addict, you can quit alcohol fairly easy compared to celebs as they have to deal with alcohol all the time on movie sets and even while shooting. But if you are determined nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, Here are 12 celebs whose determination and will power kept them sober for decades now.
1.Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe has been sober for twenty three years and reportedly liked rehab. The pretty boy who skated into our hearts in Youngblood, liked to party. Being able to take control and change his life's path has kept him around and still going strong as an actor. Lowe is a respected part of the television and film industry.

Rob Lowe-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

2.Blake Lively

Unlike other stories of celebrities who don't drink because they once abused alcohol, Blake Lively just doesn't desire alcohol, and never really has. It's refreshing to see a young starlet who doesn't need drugs and alcohol to survive in Hollywood. She has a great career and is a happy and content person with a great future.

Blake Lively-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

3.Bradley Cooper

Sober since the age of twenty nine, Bradley Cooper realized that if he kept on his path he would ruin his life. Now clean and sober, he thinks back to a time when his life was spiraling out of control. Able to gain the control back, Cooper doesn't touch alcohol anymore.

Bradley Cooper-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

4.Ben Affleck

After being in rehab in 2001, Ben Affleck turned his life around. His career took off, he married Jennifer Garner and has to small daughters with his actress wife. Feeling like he was partying to much into his thirties, he needed to get his life under control. A great step toward a better life.

Ben Affleck-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

5.Robert Downey Jr.

Clean and sober for ten years, Robert Downey Jr. has had some of his addictions play out in the public eye. Being carted off to prison, while still filming Ally McBeal, was a wake up call for the actor. Much loved by many, his career took off again, and we hope to have him around for a long while.

Robert Downey Jr.-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

6.Tobey Maguire

Sober since he was 19 years old, Tobey Maguire is alcohol free. He is one of those guys that can have fun without any substances, and is proud of it. It shows in his work as an actor. Having to recover from alcohol abuse at such a young age, makes you strong.

Tobey Maguire-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

7.Jada Pinkett Smith

Using wine to dull emotional pain, Jada Pinkett Smith was drinking two bottles of wine a night, while on the couch. She knew she had a problem, and eight years ago went cold turkey without drinking any alcohol. She is still going strong, and life for her seems better than ever.

Jada Pinkett Smith-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

8.Kelly Osbourne

As the daughter of rock god Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne lived a life in the spotlight, especially after the family's reality show that aired on MTV from 2002 to 2005. After indulging in alcohol for many years, and finally hitting rock bottom, she is now sober after several fails at rehabs.

Kelly Osbourne-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

9.Colin Ferrell

Colin Farrell is seven years sober and going strong. Able to hang with the best of them and still refuse alcohol has give him strength in many areas of his life, including acting. Renowned for great acting performances in such great films as Phonebooth, the actor is clean and sober, and looking good.

Colin Ferrell-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

10.Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez does not drink alcohol. She will have a glass as part of a toast, but just takes a few sips. Other than that Lopez credits her nice skin as part of the reason she forgoes alcohol and the proof is in the pudding. At forty four years old, she still looks great.

Jennifer Lopez-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

11.Kim Kardashian

You may think of Kim Kardashian as a party girl, but the reality tv star claims she never drinks alcohol. Saying that her sisters do, she prefers not to. It's admirable with all the access she has that she has chosen that path, and she is all the better for it. Too many young starlets fall into the alcohol trap.

Kim Kardashian-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

12.Russell Brand

The outspoken comedian, Russell Brand is celebrating ten years sober. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, the star now refrains from drinking any alcohol at all, and has been successful in his endeavors because of it. Taking it one day at a time, he is now clean and sober and living it up.

Russell Brand-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All



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