12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:09 am
By:Tony Williams

Many of our celebrities have criminal past. They were arrested or sentenced in the past for breaking the law. However, most of those celebrities were not involved in serious crimes. Most celebrities usually get arrested for DUI or drug possession charges. A few of them have been accused of murder, though. Homicide is a heinous crime. The idea of killing another person itself scares the life out of many of us, but these 12 celebrities killed people despite having an elite status in the society. Understandably, most of the deaths were caused by drunk driving.  
1.Sid Vicious

The bassist for the "Sex Pistols," Sid Vicious, was arrested and charged with murder when the police found his prostitute girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, dead in a hotel room in New York. Sid Vicious was a heroin addict. He killed Nancy and called the police. He told them he found Nancy dead when he woke up. A day later, during the questioning, he changed the story and told the cops that he found her dead in the bathroom. When Sid became fully sober, he admitted to killing Nancy accidentally during an argument. He attempted to commit suicide twice but survived both the times. 

Sid Vicious-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

2.Ted Kennedy

The famous politician drove his car into the water in Chappaquiddick, but was able to emerge and swim to safety while his female passenger never surfaced. It is unclear if Ted Kennedy was drunk, but he fled the scene, only to turn himself in the next day. He was give a two month suspended jail sentence.

Ted Kennedy-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

3.Keith Moon

The famous drummer for the Who was fleeing from skin heads when he ran over his chauffeur and his bodyguard. Keith Moon was outside a pub in England when he committed this crime but no charges were brought against him. It is unclear as to why he got away with it.

Keith Moon-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder


Brandy was involved in a rear end collision that killed the other driver. Her car failed to stop and slammed into the back of the other car. She was never charged with the crime, even though she took full responsibility for the accident. It is unknown why she walked away unscathed.

Brandy-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

5.Robert Blake

When Robert Blake's wife was shot dead outside of a restaurant where she was having dinner with the ex star of Baretta, he was asked why he was still in the restaurant. He allegedly went back in to fetch a gun that he left at their table. At the end of a criminal trial he was found not guilty, but in a civil suit was found liable.

Robert Blake-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

6.Phil Spector

When actress Lana Clarkson was found dead from a gunshot to the mouth, she was in Phil Spector's mansion. In the emergency was call was made, Spector was heard saying that he thought he killed someone and was seen coming out the back door of his house with a gun.

Phil Spector-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

7.Vince Neil

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil lost control of his car while driving down Redondo Beach. He crashed head on into an other car, killing his passenger Nicholas Dingley, a drummer for a Finnish band. Neil's blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limited. He was sentenced to five years probation with 30 days in jail and 200 hours of community service while paying the victims involved in the crash $2.6 million.

Vince Neil-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

8.Snoop Dogg

The $120M net worth rapper Snoop Dogg had put himself in a bit of trouble during the younger years of his career. While recording "Doggystyle" in August 1993, police arrested store services assistant turned rapper, Snoop Dogg in connection with the death of his rival gang member, Phillip Woldermariam. Phillip was shot dead by Snoop's bodyguard, McKinley Lee. Snoop Dogg was driving the car while Lee carried out the gun attack. Police arrested both Dogg and Lee on charges of murder. Shortly after, Lee was acquitted on the grounds of self-defense. Snoop Dogg had to deal with the case for three years before the judge freed him of murder charges in 1996.

Snoop Dogg-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

9.Rebecca Gayheart

In a sad accident, Rebecca Gayheart hit a nine year old boy, Jorge Cruze, Jr., with her car, killing him. The cars in front of Gayheart had stopped to allow the boy to cross the street, but the actress went around the cars, not seeing the boy. He was not in the crosswalk, and Gayheart was avoiding the stopped cars while on her cell phone. She was sentenced to three years probation with a one year suspension of her license, a $28,00 find and 750 hours of community service.

Rebecca Gayheart-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

10.Laure Bush

When Laura Bush was just seventeen years old, she didn't stop at a stop sign and hit another car, killing the driver. It turns out the other driver was one of her classmates. She was not charged in the accident, and went onto become the First Lady of the United States.

Laure Bush-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

11.Matthew Broderick

Actor and singer Matthew Broderick was charged with careless driving when he crashed head-on into another car and killed the other driver. He was in Ireland at the time and with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Grey, who was in the car with him. While he was driving a rented BMW, he crossed into the wrong lane, and collided head-on with a Volvo car, driven by 28-year-old Anna Gallagher killing her on the spot. Matthew Broderick could have received five years in prison, but he walked away with only a $175 fine. Victim's family was very upset with the judgment, and called it a "travesty of justice." 

Matthew Broderick-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

12.O.J. Simpson

OJ Simpson was brought up on murder charges after his wife Nicole was found dead outside their home. The trial was one of the most widely covered murder cases as was his car chase as he attempted to elude the law. He eventually got acquitted and allowed to walk free.

O.J. Simpson-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder



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