15 Celebrities And Their Bizarre Addictions

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:28 am
By:Mike Litzler

As human beings, we are all addicted to something. Alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. are some common addictions. We aren't talking about them, though. We are talking about some simple and weird addictions, and those funny obsessions we all have. Such addictions can be anything... It can be a food, some drink, an action, a habit, or just anything. Some of the popular celebs have some bizarre addictions too. Here are fifteen celebrities and their interesting addictions and obsessions. 
4.Charlize Theron Fries It Up

Charlize Theron must have a high metabolism, because her addiction can pack on the pounds if she's not careful. Theron has admitted to being addicted to fried foods, not to mention her OCD problem. She says, "I will fry my shoe and eat it!" Whatever the actress does to keep her weight down, in spite of loving greasy foods, needs to hit the market ASAP!

Charlize Theron Fries It Up-15 Celebrities And Their Bizarre Addictions

5.Paris Hilton and the Traveling Parachute

Paris Hilton loves to be one with the birds in the sky. Some may think its fame that Hilton is addicted to, but it's really skydiving! Ever since she jumped out of a plane for her birthday in 2007, she's been hooked. The socialite even travels with a parachute while flying to and from destinations.

Paris Hilton and the Traveling Parachute-15 Celebrities And Their Bizarre Addictions

6.Nicole Kidman Loves Cake

Marie Antoinette would be so proud of Nicole Kidman. The svelte actress is addicted to cake. The actress admits she can't eat it every day, but she does have a slice of cake three or four nights a week. Kidman says she eats healthy for the most part, but she loves pies and chocolate.

Nicole Kidman Loves Cake-15 Celebrities And Their Bizarre Addictions