Best Cosplays By Girls

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:05 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.An eye for detail

What this costume shows is that she really does have an absolute eye for detail and there is so much going on with this costume that it must have taken her ages in order to get it finished. The end result is something that is pretty cool and you have to say she looks fabulous in it.

An eye for detail-Best Cosplays By Girls

2.All Kung-Fu

You just know that the girl in this picture is not just standing there striking this pose because she has been told to do so, but instead she knows how to do all of the different moves if required. However, we are meant to be looking at the costume and even though it is some Japanese manga type thing you have to step back and admire it for what it is.

All Kung-Fu-Best Cosplays By Girls

3.You can arrest me anytime

Yes if police looked like this you would find that guys would commit crimes just to be arrested by them. On second thoughts that is probably not a good idea, so instead we will just admire her costume.

You can arrest me anytime-Best Cosplays By Girls

4.Blue and sexy

Is it wrong to think that there is something quite sexy about this outfit even though she is dressed up to look like some kind of blue alien? Nope? Ok that's fine then because boy if you love all of this tight latex type stuff you are going to love that outfit.

Blue and sexy-Best Cosplays By Girls

5.What a lovely tail

My what a lovely tail she has. See how long and bushy it is. Well those are two lines you did not expect to read this morning were they? Anyway, what can we say about this costume other than it is orange?

What a lovely tail-Best Cosplays By Girls

6.German twins?

Yes ok so the outfits may not be like superheroes, but you can still admire them for looking great in them. Who cares what they are meant to represent because just admire the, erm, leaflet they are holding.

German twins?-Best Cosplays By Girls

7.Purple is the color

OK so in order to wear this outfit you do need to have some kind of fetish for the color purple, but as long as that is the case then you will love it. This links in with the X-Men, but if it had been X-Women and they looked like this it would have been even more popular.

Purple is the color-Best Cosplays By Girls

8.A cute outfit

Well this is certainly a cosplay outfit that is going to get the interest of a lot of guys. It does not even matter if you look at her and have no idea what is going on because just step back and admire the outfit in all of its glory.

A cute outfit-Best Cosplays By Girls

9.What a lovely pair of horns

The one thing that stands out in this image is that she does indeed have a massive pair of horns and obviously that is going to be the thing that you are drawn to first of all. Is she trying to make a point with them? In actual fact it looks like she has made more than one.

What a lovely pair of horns-Best Cosplays By Girls

10.She looks unhappy

Well she looks as if she is over the moon to be dressed like this. Her face is just telling you a million words, but look beyond that and check out the costume because it is actually quite cool even if the coldest thing in the picture is her eyes.

She looks unhappy-Best Cosplays By Girls

11.A female Captain America?

Ok so this does confuse you slightly because you do indeed have a female Captain America and that just does not fit right for some reason. However, the costume itself is pretty good and at least you know who she is meant to be and that is always a bonus.

A female Captain America?-Best Cosplays By Girls

12.Jessica Rabbit

What this shows is that you do not have to go all Manga style or superhero style with these costumes because instead you can also do something that is a bit classier. Of course it helps if you have the right figure for Jessica Rabbit and there is no doubt that this woman does.

Jessica Rabbit-Best Cosplays By Girls

13.A lovely salute

Well this is the kind of salute that you really do not mind getting especially when it comes from somebody that looks like this. You have to admit that there is something really cute about the outfit.

A lovely salute-Best Cosplays By Girls

14.Before and after

This is cool as it shows you what she should look like and you can then determine how close she is to copying it exactly. You have to say that she has done quite well here although they need to work a bit harder on their background.

Before and after-Best Cosplays By Girls

15.A sexy mermaid

Well this outfit is certainly a lot easier to understand since it is obviously a mermaid. The only problem here is that you are pretty screwed if the party you are going to does not have a swimming pool.

A sexy mermaid-Best Cosplays By Girls

16.Busy, busy outfit

Well what can you say about this outfit other than wow there is a lot going on. There is just so much detail in this that you are looking all over it and seeing something new every single time. The only question is how she manages to walk in it all.

Busy, busy outfit-Best Cosplays By Girls

17.Yay for cosplay

This is the kind of outfit that makes you glad that this cosplay idea actually exists in the first place. No matter the party that this girl is going to you just know that you want to also be there.

Yay for cosplay-Best Cosplays By Girls

18.A Jamaican superhero?

Well this girl looks cute in her outfit, but it does seem to resemble the Jamaican flag. Does that mean that there is a superhero called Rasta Woman or something?

A Jamaican superhero?-Best Cosplays By Girls

19.Not much to the costume

There may not be too much to this costume, and the original was certainly not going for the glamour look, but at least she has put the effort into the small details due to the teeth. Yes guys she does have other teeth in.

Not much to the costume-Best Cosplays By Girls

20.My what a big gun

Well she looks serious even though she also appears to be plugged into something. However, with the size of the gun that she is wielding would you actually say anything bad to her about her outfit?

My what a big gun-Best Cosplays By Girls

21.A different tomb raider

This is yet another take on the same character and it is cool to see how two different people tackle the same subject. As you can see they have gone for slightly different outfits, but both are easy to recognize and that does make life easier for us.

A different tomb raider-Best Cosplays By Girls

22.A cheap tomb raider

This girl is helped by the fact that she does seem to naturally have a bit of Angelina Jolie in her face, so it becomes obvious as to the outfit that she is going to focus on. This may be an easy outfit to do, but she has still done it well.

A cheap tomb raider-Best Cosplays By Girls


It looks as if this girl has plucked an entire ostrich to create that feather wing because surely it is the only way that you could get enough of them at the one time to make that? However, you have to admire the detail in this Sephiroth outfit as so much work has clearly gone into it.

Sephiroth-Best Cosplays By Girls

24.A hot character

You have to say that this attempt is rather hot, but is that the look that she is trying to achieve? It is pretty well done and you know that it is Wonder Woman and it is unusual actually knowing what they are meant to be at times.

A hot character-Best Cosplays By Girls



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