Real Story Behind The Woman With Three Breasts

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 8:22 am
By:James Fraser

Do you remember the lady who became the talk of the internet in 2014, when she claimed to have a third breast surgically implanted? The woman said she spent approximately $20,000 for the third breast. She also said she had to search for two long years to find a doctor who is willing to implant an extra breast on her chest. Meet Alisha Hessler a.k.a. Jasmine Tridevil, who shocked the world with her bizarre claim! Is her third breast a hoax or does she really have it? Why did she want to have an additional boob? This topic has all the answers! Read the shocking story of the lady with three breasts!
4.She Tried to Convince Them

The lady said she waited for almost two years to find a surgeon who can perform the unusual and bizarre surgery on her. She posted a few pictures like these to make people believe her third breast is indeed real.

She Tried to Convince Them-Real Story Behind The Woman With Three Breasts

5.The Truth Behind Such Bizarre Surgeries

This kind of surgery is not impossible to perform. However, plastic surgeons are barred from doing any surgery that could be harmful to 'human dignity'.

The Truth Behind Such Bizarre Surgeries-Real Story Behind The Woman With Three Breasts

6.Why She Wanted the Third Breast?

In the beginning, the lady said she got the third breast because she wanted to make herself unattractive, so men don't approach her. Want to know the actual reason? Keep reading...

Why She Wanted the Third Breast?-Real Story Behind The Woman With Three Breasts