15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 4:18 pm
By:James Fraser

Prostitution can be divided into three broad categories, street prostitution, escort prostitution and brothel prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in many countries around the world including the United States. In countries like Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, prostitution is legal but not regulated. In countries like Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Netherlands, prostitution is legal and controlled by the government. Let's talk about brothels. Brothels are classified under 'organized prostitution', and they are illegal in all countries except a few like Australia, Netherlands and New Zealand. Brothels are illegal in the US, but they are legal in a few rural Nevada counties. Not all brothels are same! Check fifteen strangest brothels around the world. 
1.Shibuya Pink Girls Club, Tokyo, Japan

What's so special about this brothel? The place is actually a mockup of a subway train. It's filled with girls in schoolgirl outfits. Interested men can pay $100 for an entry, and grope any girl onboard, and anywhere they want. Remember, prostitution is illegal in Japan. This is the reason why Japanese brothels are little different. The brothels offer everything for clients but intercourse (penetration to be precise). 

Shibuya Pink Girls Club, Tokyo, Japan-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

2.Para Doxies, Brothel For Disabled, Buckinghamshire, UK

A woman who ran an illegal brothel for the most part of her life decided to run a brothel exclusively for the disabled and autism patients after she retired from the work. The brothel is only for disabled. It is also one of the few non-profit and privately funded brothels in the world. 

Para Doxies, Brothel For Disabled, Buckinghamshire, UK-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

3.Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok too is one of the unique brothels in the world. The place is home to 40 individual business establishments called 'bars' which are filled strippers and prostitutes. The specialty of the place is that there are no pimps or madams involved. Get in, find the one that looks good, negotiate and have sex! As simple as that. 

Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand -15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World


4.Sex Dolls Brothel, Tokyo, Japan

There's a brothel in Japan that houses a broad range of sex dolls. Interested men (or women) can walk into the brothel by paying some money, and have fun with those lifeless dolls. Sex dolls have some prominence in Japanese sex culture. Those who can't have one at home for obvious reasons can neatly walk into this place! One of the reason why Japan is weird.

Sex Dolls Brothel, Tokyo, Japan-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

5.Mustang Ranch Brothel, Nevada, United States

People who visited the place call it 'Ritz Carlton of Brothels'. It is a luxurious hotel cum brothel. Visitors need not pay anything to stay in the hotel. All they have to do is find a girl, pay her, and use the luxurious hotel rooms at no extra cost. At Mustang Ranch, one can find almost all kinds of girls in terms of height, weight, size, shape, skin color, religion, race and what not! 

Mustang Ranch Brothel, Nevada, United States-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

6.Big Sister, Prague, Czech Republic

'Big Sister' brothel was probably the one and only brothel in the world where customers didn’t have to pay a dime to use the brothel services. The brothel started in 2005 and closed in 2010 for unknown reasons. Men could have sex with in-house prostitutes for free. Couples could use the rooms for free to have some fun. On weekends, the brothel used to conduct special meet-up events for swingers. Sounds crazy, right? So, how would the brothel make money? All the rooms in the brothel had webcams fitted, and the customers were needed to agree to be videotaped. The brothel used to sell those videotapes on their website, or stream live sex sessions online or on cable throughout Europe!

Big Sister, Prague, Czech Republic-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

7.Pascha Brothel, Cologne, Germany

Pascha is the biggest brothel in Germany. The 12-storeyed brothel is also the Europe's first high rise brothel. There are about 120 sex workers working in the brothel, serving 1000 customers a day. Visitors need to pay a small entry fee. Once they are in, they can wander around the building and negotiate directly with the prostitutes. 

Pascha Brothel, Cologne, Germany-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World


8.Campervan Brothels, UK

In the United Kingdom, you can find these 'Passion Wagons' where people can have sex with prostitutes inside the van. The women charge their clients anywhere between $100 and $150 per hour. The campervans (RVs) are usually parked in specific areas of the towns so the customers can find them and hook up with ladies. 

Campervan Brothels, UK-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

9.Stiletto Brothel, Sydney, Australia

It's the most famous brothel in Australia. It's not just a brothel, but a complete 'relaxing' package that offers many services including massage and spa. The specialty of the place is that every room and suite in the hotel has a unique theme. James Bond, Betty Boop, Kama Sutra etc are some of the themes. 

Stiletto Brothel, Sydney, Australia -15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World


10.Centaurus Brothel, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

It is the most expensive brothel in Brazil even people like Justin Bieber can't afford it! People who visited this place often say the girls they have seen here are the most beautiful women they ever saw in their life. Remember Justin Bieber's infamous whorehouse visit a couple of years back? He was at this Centaurus Brothel. He wanted eight hookers that night and was billed a whopping $15,000 (approx). He refused to pay and settled for two instead. That's why it's the most expensive brothel in the world.

Centaurus Brothel, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

11.Alien Cathouse, Nevada, USA

The alien-themed brothel is a genuinely weird brothel. Everything in the brothel from ladies to furniture, accessories etc are alien themed. Dennis Hof, who owns the popular Moonlight Bunny Ranch, (Cathouse) also owns this place. 

Alien Cathouse, Nevada, USA-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World


12.Maison d'Envie, Berlin, Germany

The brothel isn't really a wacky or weird one. However, the place is little different from other brothels. It offers a good discount to the customers who come to them riding a bicycle or by public transport! Talk about eco-friendly brothels!  

Maison d'Envie, Berlin, Germany -15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

13.Bunny Ranch, Nevada, United States

This brothel is very unique when it comes to marketing. The owner of this place Denis Hof advertises the brothel like any regular business offering seasonal discounts. His offers include free sex for servicemen who return to the US from Afghan or Iraq, and discounts on special days like Thanksgiving. Remember the lady named Natalie Dylan who tried to auction off her virginity? She was supposed to lose her virginity at this place. Though she got bids in excess of $1 million, the transaction (or the act) never happened. 

Bunny Ranch, Nevada, United States-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

14.Soapland, Tokyo, Japan

Clients are laid upon a waterproof mattress, with personal lubricant (or massage oil) all over their bodies. The prostitutes lather up their bodies and sleep on the clients to give them a naked body-to-body massage until the clients achieve orgasm. As we said earlier, prostitution is illegal in Japan. As long as penetration is not involved, any sexual act in exchange for money isn't really illegal there.

Soapland, Tokyo, Japan-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World

15.Daily Planet, Melbourne, Australia

Daily Planet is the first brothel ever to go public. The brothel was listed on Australian stock exchange beginning 2003. It was the only 'publicly traded' brothel in the world. It was taken off the market in 2006, but the brothel is still going strong, winning customer-satisfaction awards and stuff. 

Daily Planet, Melbourne, Australia-15 Most Bizarre Brothels Around The World



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