Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

Thursday, Jul 30, 2020, 12:04 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.The coolest dance floor moves

Finally, a bizarre scientific paper that is actually useful to us. Surely everybody wants to know the coolest dance floor moves especially guys who have somebody to impress, but you will also be intrigues as to how they worked out the ones that were the coolest. Sometimes scientists can indeed work on something that appeals to the masses.

The coolest dance floor moves-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

2.The physics of penguin poop

Well if you are the type of scientist that loves to examine poop, then why not be a bit different and focus on a penguin. Clearly this has been written by somebody who is slowly working their way through the animal kingdom and the way it poops and this latest installment focuses on that little creature at the South Pole. How it helps us humans is anybody's guess.

The physics of penguin poop-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

3.Do ethicists steal more books?

This is another example of a scientific paper where you have to question the sanity of the people behind it. How will knowing this help the world in any way whatsoever? Maybe they only steal books that they know nobody else would like and, therefore, are saving us from some kind of disaster?

Do ethicists steal more books?-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

4.How should bosses choose who to promote?

Why are scientists bothering about this? They have actually tried to come up with some kind of formula that bosses would then be able to follow when there is a promotion opportunity available. You can see why bosses would be interested in this, but how much research time was wasted?

How should bosses choose who to promote?-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

5.Is a pound of lead heavier than a pound of feathers?

At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that this is one of those trick questions that you got asked as a child by a parent who was wanting to catch you out. This just makes you think of a group of scientists standing there with scales testing their theories, so boy do some of them lead empty lives.

Is a pound of lead heavier than a pound of feathers?-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

6.Why do Bedouins wear black in the desert?

This sounds like the first line in a joke and you are just waiting for the punch line to appear after it, but it is actually a serious scientific paper. This may sound bizarre, but when you stop and think about it this paper could help us to understand how some people deal with the heat better than others, but why Bedouins?

Why do Bedouins wear black in the desert?-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

7.Chickens prefer beautiful humans

The main question here has to be how they determine what a chicken sees as beautiful. Do they view beauty in the same way as we do? Surely it varies between individual chickens just as it does with humans? Why are they bothering with this in the first place?

Chickens prefer beautiful humans-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

8.Rectal foreign bodies

In all honesty this should not be seen as a serious scientific paper because normal people would read this and spend half of the time laughing at the things that have been found shoved up someone's butt. You will be amazed at what people will do.

Rectal foreign bodies-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

9.The effect of country music on suicide

A number of people will probably state that they already know the answer to this paper and that you did not need to have a degree in order to write it. However, for country music lovers it may very well be an interesting read, but slightly uncomfortable as they see the link between those songs and people taking their own life.

The effect of country music on suicide-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

10.Fellatio by fruit bats prolongs copulation time

This paper conjures up images of the scientists being some kind of fruit bat perverts and using this as an excuse to satisfy their needs. How does this help us humans? What actually is the point in this and who is asking questions related to this topic?

Fellatio by fruit bats prolongs copulation time-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

11.The nature of navel fluff

This should actually be a very short paper because surely the nature of navel fluff is that it is fluff in your navel. We know it has to come from somewhere because there is no way that our body can produce it all on its own, but sometimes we just need a bit of mystery in our lives.

The nature of navel fluff-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

12.Swearing as a response to pain

Well the biggest surprise here is that some researchers felt the need to examine this apparent phenomenon in great detail. Do they not realize that the reason why we swear when in pain is because it seems to be the most appropriate thing to do at that time? It makes us feel good when other things are bad, so leave us alone.

Swearing as a response to pain-Most Bizarre Scientific Papers



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