Most Bizarre Scented Candles

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 8:50 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Fried chicken

This scented candle is going to play havoc with your waistline because after smelling this is there any chance of you being able to avoid going and picking up some fried chicken to then eat? Maybe it is a clever marketing ploy on behalf of a chicken company?

Fried chicken-Most Bizarre Scented Candles

2.Ice cream

The fact that this comes from one of the biggest candle makers in the world shows that even they can get things a bit wrong. The idea of this one is that it smells like ice cream, but is that not something that should only be with ice cream and not made out of wax and set fire to?

Ice cream-Most Bizarre Scented Candles


This is not entirely unexpected, but there is a candle out there that claims it smells like farts. However, there is clearly a problem here because how do you manage to capture something that has so many different smells? It is probably going to smell like egg.

Farts-Most Bizarre Scented Candles


After discovering that there is a candle out there that says it smells like strippers there is a good chance that you will feel like going off to try and find it. How exactly do you define the smell of strippers? Imagine the fun they would have had researching it.

strippers-Most Bizarre Scented Candles


If you want to get rid of those stubborn guests that just do not want to leave, then how about lighting that pizza candle you have been keeping for these special occasions? The idea here is that it will make them hungry and want pizza themselves, so will go and get it at which point you change the locks on the doors.

Pizza-Most Bizarre Scented Candles

6.The Times of New York

Ah yes a candle that smells like a newspaper that is on fire, is it possible to get something that smells any more romantic than that? Surely everybody has at some point set fire to paper and wished they could replicate that smell?

The Times of New York-Most Bizarre Scented Candles


A candle that smells like beer? The actual whole concept of that is very, very strange and it is something that you are going to struggle to get your head around because why have a room smelling like a bar? Surely drunk people will try to drink it as well?

Beer-Most Bizarre Scented Candles


This one is probably not much of a surprise, but there is a candle out there that smells like cannabis and you can imagine the type of people that will want to buy that. It has to be stressed that it only smells like it and you will not get stoned or else it would sell a lot more if that happened.

Cannabis-Most Bizarre Scented Candles

9.Urinal cake

Do you know those little blue things that sit at the bottom of the urinal to keep things smelling all bleach like? Well how about getting that smell in a candle? Is that not something that could drive you wild with insanity?

Urinal cake-Most Bizarre Scented Candles

10.Santa's Beard

Well this one is going to be purely guesswork because surely only Santa really knows what his beard smells like? Perhaps there is a whiff of reindeer farts in it since he sits behind them all of the time?

Santa's Beard-Most Bizarre Scented Candles

11.White Castle burger

Keeping with the food theme how about a candle that smells like the burgers from White Castle? How many people want their house smelling of a burger when guests are coming around?

White Castle burger-Most Bizarre Scented Candles


Yep there is a bacon scented candle and this is something that could drive you mad in the morning due to wanting bacon, but then mad later on as you are fed up of the smell. This one is certainly a bit hit and miss.

Bacon-Most Bizarre Scented Candles



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