Bizarre True Stories

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 5:51 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.I love her head

Peter the Great did something that was not quite so great. He had somebody decapitate his wife and then had the head put into a jar along with some preserving alcohol and it was then placed next to her bed. That is just freaky on so many different levels that it is actually difficult to know where to begin with it.

I love her head-Bizarre True Stories

2.Flat cap lover

Queen Elizabeth I of England was a bit strange to say the least. However, one of the most bizarre things that she did was to pass a law whereby everybody must wear a flat cap on a Sunday. The only people that were not supposed to do this were the rich, and that meant her friends, and if you did not do it, then the chances are that the punishment would have been quite severe.

Flat cap lover-Bizarre True Stories

3.Late parties

Catherine I of Russia seemed to enjoy a party, but she did prefer them to go on late into the night, so she was worried about people burning themselves out early on. To stop this she passed a law whereby it was illegal to be drunk before 9pm when attending one of her parties just so she could enjoy it for longer.

Late parties-Bizarre True Stories


4.We love that date

Ralph and Carolyn Cummings have five children. That in itself is not bizarre, but what is rather strange is that they have all been born on the exact same date, 20th February, even though the years range from 1952 to 1966. The odds of that happening must be astronomical, but it has.

We love that date-Bizarre True Stories

5.Careless pilot

A pilot who was flying in the Vietnam war did manage to do something that is pretty spectacular. This guy somehow managed to end up shooting down his own plane by firing one of his own missiles. Just thinking about how that is possible is going to play with your mind, but it is certainly true and you do reckon that his career would then have been over.

Careless pilot-Bizarre True Stories

6.Burning desire

In India it used to be relatively common practice for a woman to decided to burn herself alive on the [email protected] pyre of her husband. That is taking love and devotion to a new level, but this practice was stopped when the British decided it was not a good idea and effectively banned it.

Burning desire-Bizarre True Stories

7.Talented Amayra

This tribe in Bolivia are absolutely brilliant trackers. They say that they can keep pace with a horse for a distance of 100km and when you consider what that animal will go through you do wonder how they are capable of carrying off such an amazing feat for such a prolonged period of time.

Talented Amayra-Bizarre True Stories

8.Caring Toltecs

This group of native Mexicans used to go into battle in the 7th century armed only with wooden swords. Was that because they had no metal? Nope, they did it so they would not then go and kill their enemies and you have to admit that going into battle and not wanting to kill the other side is certainly a bit bizarre.

Caring Toltecs-Bizarre True Stories

9.Brave monkey

In World War I there was a medal awarded to a monkey. This ape was from South Africa and it was also promoted with it ending up with the rank of corporal. Imagine how other soldiers felt when they discovered that a simple monkey had been rewarded more than they had.

Brave monkey-Bizarre True Stories

10.Hey George!

George Washington, as in the President with that name, seems to have had a bit of a secret. He is known to have grown marijuana in his back yard, so imagine the uproar that would happen if it turned out that Obama had some at the White House.

Hey George!-Bizarre True Stories

11.I love mummy

King Charles II of England was a bit strange. He developed a ritual where he had to rub the dust of an ancient mummy on himself and the idea was that he could then manage to absorb their power and greatness. It really did not do him any good whatsoever.

I love mummy-Bizarre True Stories

12.Peasant start to the morning

One of the kings of Bavaria, called Otto, had to start every single morning by shooting a peasant. However, clearly that would not be good PR for the King, so instead, his aides secretly filled his gun with blanks and somebody would pretend to be a peasant and at the sound of the gun going off would drop to the ground apparently dead.

Peasant start to the morning-Bizarre True Stories



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