Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:17 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Taken a bite

This swimsuit is bizarre because of the nature of the design as well as the fact that it just looks badly made. You can get what they are trying to do, but it just looks sad and people would feel sorry for you if you wore it.

Taken a bite-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

2.Gameboy swimsuit

This has to be another one for the geeks because it is the only logical explanation for the design. The only problem here is that you will always get some guy wanting to press her A and B key.

Gameboy swimsuit-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

3.Just use CD's

This is the kind of thing where you just stop and wonder what on earth is actually going on because this has to be one of the strangest swimsuits you have ever seen in your life. Yes that is a CD covering each breast and then a number of them tied around her waist.

Just use CD's-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

4.A horror movie

Yet again you have to question why anybody would wear a swimsuit that has some kind of horror movie on it because even though it may be an attempt at a bit of a joke it is quite a lame one. This is not exactly a hot design.

A horror movie-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

5.Wear it on the inside

Can you actually imagine walking around on the beach with this swimsuit on and all of the strange looks that you would be getting? Why on earth would anybody wear something that looks like this?

Wear it on the inside-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

6.Check your eyes

This swimsuit must have been designed by an optician because why else would somebody come up with an eye chart for a swimsuit? It would have been different if the letters did actually spell out something, but they are just plain.

Check your eyes-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

7.The face swimsuit

This is apparently the latest craze in China and it just looks absolutely crazy. Yes there are a lot of people that are wearing rubber masks when they are in the water and they have been nicknamed the facekini and they have to be one of the strangest things you have ever seen in your life.

The face swimsuit-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

8.Jaws is on his way

Is it wise to have Jaws on your swimsuit especially if you are in water that has these sharks? Surely it would be a bit like tempting fate and you would just be asking for trouble? It is also not that attractive either.

Jaws is on his way-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

9.Keep your hands off!!

There is a problem with this swimsuit in that you will struggle to tell people to keep their hands off you when the entire outfit is in the shape of hands. However, at least the top hands are big enough to cover everything and protect your modesty.

Keep your hands off!!-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

10.Get covered up

Yes you are seeing it right, this is the British cook Nigella Lawson and she has decided to wear a swimsuit that covers basically all of your body apart from your face. In some ways you can understand it for religious people, but it is still bizarre.

Get covered up-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever

11.It looks spikey

This swimsuit makes you look like a ballet dancer that loves heavy metal and has taken her tutu and covered it in spikes. This is certainly never going to be your best look if you go ahead and wear this one.

It looks spikey-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever


At first you will probably look at this swimsuit and wonder why anybody would want to buy it and then wear it on the beach. However, you then suddenly remember that there are female geeks out there that would probably love this even though it is not the sexiest thing that you have ever seen.

R2-D2?-Bizarre Swimsuits Ever



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