Bizarre Laws In New York

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 8:16 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Your Own Back Yard

If you live in NYC you cannot camp outside in your own back yard for longer than 72 hours per month. If you want to camp out for longer than two weeks you need a permit. This permit can only be obtained once a year. Who keeps the clock watching on all this one wonders?

Your Own Back Yard-Bizarre Laws In New York

2.Thou Shalt Not Wiggle Thou Fingers!

Placing your thumb on your nose and wiggling your fingers in order to greet a friend or foe. This is illegal in New York City, but then it is a pretty stupid thing to do anyway.

Thou Shalt Not Wiggle Thou Fingers!-Bizarre Laws In New York

3.No Smoking Under 21

You cannot smoke in NYC until the age of 21. This is one of New York's bizarre rules that make sense right! However, you can join the army at 18!

No Smoking Under 21-Bizarre Laws In New York

4.Slipper Laws

Whatever you do, do not wear slippers after 10am in NYC that is illegal. However, you do wonder if the punishment is linked to the size of your feet.

Slipper Laws-Bizarre Laws In New York

5.No Flirting

A fine of $25 can be levied for flirting with someone in NYC. So best you keep your eyes straight and your mouth shut when in NYC. No wonder they seem like such an unfriendly bunch!

No Flirting-Bizarre Laws In New York

6.No Slurping

When in NYC you might want to give the soup a miss since if you do slurp it you could be in trouble. Slurping soup is definitely illegal in NYC. If it is chicken noodle soup you might have a full blown panic attack!

No Slurping-Bizarre Laws In New York


In NYC you cannot simply divorce your partner. It has to be agreed by both partners that the differences between you are irreconcilable. This is a tough one since most arguing couples cannot agree on anything!

Divorce-Bizarre Laws In New York

8.Elevator Silence

If you are a visitor to New York you might have felt awkward in an elevator? The law in NYC is no chatting to strangers or looking at stranger whilst riding an elevator. Plus, you are advised to keep your hands folded.

Elevator Silence-Bizarre Laws In New York

9.No ice cream cone in your pocket

This might disappoint many people, but you cannot walk around with an ice-cream cone in your pocket in NYC. Luckily it is only on a Sunday, so it must be a Sabbath day thing.

No ice cream cone in your pocket-Bizarre Laws In New York

10.Women in Public Topless

In NYC it is perfectly OK for women to go topless as long as they are not soliciting of course! Is it legal for men one wonders?

Women in Public Topless-Bizarre Laws In New York

11.Homoph0bic Words To Sons

If you are a dad and you have a son who takes a fancy to dressing in girlie clothes it is illegal to call him homoph0bic names, like 'faggot' or 'queer'.

Homoph0bic Words To Sons-Bizarre Laws In New York

12.Jumping Off A Building

If you do decide to take the leap off a building in New York, make sure it is the end. The law for NYC is if you do that and survive the penalty is death!

Jumping Off A Building-Bizarre Laws In New York



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