Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020, 11:57 am
By:Tony Williams

1.American pirate

There is absolutely no chance that you cannot look at this image and laugh at his tattoos. OK so he has the American flag, but he also appears to have turned into a pirate resulting in something that is just seriously funny to look at.

American pirate-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

2.Radio ad

This guy has the logo for a local radio station on his forehead, so that kind of made him very distinctive when he broke the law. Yes officer I can even tell you the radio station he listens to as he advertised it on his own head.

Radio ad-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

3.An eagle?

Yep this guy managed to get quite a bad eagle put on his forehead and now he has to live with it for the rest of his life. It just seems to have been done by an amateur and you get the feeling he was probably drunk when he had it done.

An eagle?-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

4.Leopard head

It is very difficult to understand why you would look at your forehead and think of a leopard. This woman has done this, and do you think it looks good? In all honesty it looks seriously stupid, but check she does not have claws before you tell her that.

Leopard head-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

5.Poor Drake

OK so you like a musician and that is fine, but come on why would you then go and get their name put on your forehead? That is just taking things a bit too far because it does not say you are a fan it says you are stupid.

Poor Drake-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos


Ah yes we have all looked at our forehead and thought it would be a good spot for a flag haven't we? This guy has them all over his body, but of course when he saw that big empty space staring back at him he knew he had to cover it and become a walking geography lesson.

Flags-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

7.A snake?

This is one of those tattoos where you question the thing that they have had done because it just does not seem to make any sense whatsoever. Why has she opted for a strange looking snake? Why get it done on your forehead?

A snake?-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

8.Brain removal

Clearly this person has just had their brain removed and indeed you only have to look at them to see that it has to have actually been done as it is the only explanation as to why they look like this. At least the surgeon appears to have done a neat job.

Brain removal-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

9.That does not work

Go on you can be honest here. There is no way that you were expecting to see that tattoo on this guy were you? Nobody would if you slowly scanned up the image because he just does not come across as the type that is into a Japanese character for girls.

That does not work-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

10.Go Jordan

OK it is very, very strange for somebody to end up having the Air Jordan sign on their forehead, so this guy is probably unique in the world. It just does not seem to work in that location, but then would it work anywhere?

Go Jordan-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

11.Never cross Katie

Well if this is her way of getting revenge, then you never want to cross Katie. This looks like it has been done at home almost and it just looks absolutely horrible.

Never cross Katie-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos

12.A rose?

Well there is a good chance that you were not expecting to see a rose on the forehead were you? Yes it may fill the space and the rose itself is very well done, but it just looks so out of place and extremely strange.

A rose?-Bizarre Forehead Tattoos



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