12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 7:29 am
By:Tony Williams

No living being on Earth except humans wear clothes. We, humans, started wearing clothes only a few thousand years ago to protect ourselves from dust, heat, cold and insect bites. The early humans didn't wear any clothes. There are many people out there in the world who still believe in being naked and all natural. They call themselves naturists! Almost every town and city in the western world has a naturist club or two. These naturists, at times, catch our attention by appearing nude in public areas. Here are fifteen such bizarre naked events and places where naturists see you like an alien if you are in your clothes!
1.Nude Hairy Bikers

Hairy bikers take on a whole new meaning when they decide to hit the road naked. One has to ask oneself why? Perhaps it is the whole, wind in my hair thing? Wind in all of my hair.

Nude Hairy Bikers-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

2.Naked First Dance

This nude wedding thing is really taking off the best part of it all, is the shocked looks on relatives faces as you both take the first dance. You do have to be brave to do this though.

Naked First Dance-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever


Hiking takes on new levels. There is just something to be said about nature and nature all mixed together. Be careful not to get some grass up your ass though.

Hiking-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever


4.London Bike Rides

Bike riding in London has reached new levels. These cheeky participants are doing it nude. They really are brave souls.

London Bike Rides-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

5.Ballroom Dancing

Imagine seeing a dancer stripping down to naked while performing in a popular national dancing reality show! Well, we are not used to seeing something like that on our TVs. Did you remember the infamous nipple slip of 'Dancing with the Stars' dancer Nancy Grace? It was just a case of an embarrassing and unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, but the news spread like wildfire! In 'Bailando por un Sueño', an Argentinian dancing reality show, strip dancing is a part of the competition. Contestants are expected to give a naked performance on the stage. In the picture, a 'Bailando por un Sueño' dancer Cynthia Fernandez was seen hugging the judge after giving a naked dancing performance.

Ballroom Dancing-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

6.World Naked Bike Ride, London

World Naked Bike Ride or commonly known as WNBR is a nude event that takes place in London, UK, every year. It attracts nudists and naturists from around the world. Conrad Schmidt started the event in 2004. The prime motto of the World Naked Bike Ride is to drive the society toward a body-positive world. The naked bike ride was started to protest oil dependency and promote bicycle transportation. Today, WNBR movement has spread to many countries including the United States and Canada. The good thing about the event is that one can still participate in the ride without needing to remove their clothes completely.

World Naked Bike Ride, London-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

7.Naked Ballet

Naked ballet could be a real hit since most ballerinas and ballet dancers are so stretchy. This could be so entertaining to watch on many levels.

Naked Ballet-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever


Naked hill-walking could become a whole new craze if you can brave the cold weather. In the summer make sure you bring loads of insect repellent to protect your delicate bits.

Hill-Walking-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

9.Naked Rugby

Naked rugby should become a great hit for some. As long as the guys don't shove their fiddly bits in each other's faces. Balls off the field could have a whole new meaning.

Naked Rugby-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

10.Excellent Thinking

The newest alternative type wedding is the naked wedding. These are becoming so popular that so many people are doing it. It sure takes the hefty price tag off the cost of a wedding dress and leaves more money for booze.

Excellent Thinking-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

11.Nude Protesting

Protesting is always easier in the nude. No matter how chilly the weather is. It gives you space to write your message and gets you noticed.

Nude Protesting-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

12.Reserve a Sausage

In a bid to get sales up, more and more restaurants are hosting nude dining evenings. Some restaurants are just completely nude. Now, what happens when you have overindulged a little? Where do you hide the post-dinner bloat? We wonder if they have sausage on the menu.

Reserve a Sausage-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever



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