15 Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories Ever

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:06 pm
By:James Fraser

Who said all stories need to be long and elaborative to understand? They can be as short as a couple of sentences. Don't believe us? Read these fifteen two-sentence stories. But wait these are aren't some short fairytales, These are some of the scariest two sentence horror stories ever. You should only read them if you love horror stuff, and want some quick thrill! Despite being very short, they will still send chills down your spine. Sounds interesting, right? Go ahead and read these fifteen scariest two-sentence horror stories.
13.Ghosts Hate Being Seen

Don’t be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up, she hates being seen.

Ghosts Hate Being Seen-15 Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories Ever

14.Knock Knock

I woke up to hear knocking on the glass. At first, I thought it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.

Knock Knock-15 Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories Ever

15.The Devil in the Dark

The grinning face stared at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. I live on the 14th floor alone.

The Devil in the Dark-15 Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories Ever

I know you are scared, So here are some blonde jokes to help you forget these stories. ;)